Creative Augment The Kratos S5 & S3 With BlasterX Acoutsic Engine

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Creative Technology presents a key technology specially designed for the Sound BlasterX Kratos S5 and S3 speaker: BlasterX Acoustic Engine. The software with BlasterX Acoustic Engine is designed to upgrade a PC user’s audio experience with the powerful 2.1 gaming speaker to whole new levels in their games, movies and music.

Kratos S5: Sound Blaster Connect Software Powered by BlasterX Acoustic Engine Pro Technology

If a user’s PC does not come equipped with a dedicated sound card, fret not. Kratos S5 with USB connection allows users to experience digital lossless audio and enhanced levels of audio realism with immersive virtual 7.1 surround sound, clearer cues and bass boost through the BlasterX Acoustic Engine Pro technology found in the Sound Blaster Connect software for PC.

Sound Blaster Connect software also comes with pro-tuned audio profiles for top game titles like Call of Duty™, Counter-Strike™, and Battlefield 1™ that elevates the relevant audio cues in each game to new levels of realism, immersion, and positional accuracy. Users can also further customize these profiles to their hearts’ content for that perfect gaming audio experience. Users can also tweak the lighting effects of the Kratos S5 to create a neat gaming space. Sound Blaster Connect is also available for the latest Sound BlasterX Pro Gaming gear with Aurora Reactive lighting like the Katana under-monitor audio system, Siege M04 precision gaming mouse, and Vanguard K08 mechanical keyboard.

Sound Blaster Connect Controls for Aurora Reactive Lighting

Available for Windows®, the fully customizable Sound Blaster Connect software gives users complete control over their product with a well organized easy-to-use interface that allows them to choose and access features and enhancement easily.

Sound Blaster Connect Dashboard

The Sound Blaster Connect dashboard gives users an overview of all their audio and visual settings where they view current and frequently used settings, or quickly personalize them.

Sound Blaster Connect Dashboard

BlasterX Acoustic Engine Technologies

Each Sound Experience option, including game title presets are powered by the following BlasterX Acoustic Engine technologies:

- Immersion lets users to enjoy true-to-life audio with a natural sense of audio depth, spaciousness and surround effects from your content.
- Crystalizer lets users experience audio the way the artist or game audio designer intended by restoring audio details that were lost due to file compression.
- Smart Volume minimizes abrupt volume changes. Choose to normalize volume loudness automatically according to your playback, or intelligently reduce loud burst of sounds for those late night sessions.
- Dialog+ enhances voices in movies, music or games for clearer dialog. Hear the dialog over the rest of the soundtrack and ambient noise in your listening environment.

Customizable BlasterX Acoustic Engine Settings

Voice Communication Enhancements and Effects

Sound Blaster Connect also comes with a range of voice enhancements powered by CrystalVoice technology for enhanced in-game communication. Users can also morph their voice on-the-fly to stay in character. This is especially useful when users connect a headset or microphone to the Kratos S5 via the easily accessible audio control pod.

- Noise Reduction eliminates unwanted background noise during in-game communication.
- Acoustic Echo Cancellation eliminates echoes to reduce interference

Voice Enhancements

- Voice Morph allows users to have fun changing their voice to different characters during game play, game casting or recordings.

Voice Morph Options

Customizable Lighting

Users can choose or customize RGB lighting presets to match their mood and space.

Aurora Reactive Lighting Controls for Kratos S5

BlasterX Acoustic Engine Lite for Kratos S3

For Kratos S3 users, they can enjoy a full range of pro-tuned gaming profile presets with BlaserX Acoustic Engine Lite Software. Users can choose from five preset game genres, and select the optimum sound environment for the game and enjoy game play with sound settings optimized for the speaker.

Download BlasterX Acoustic Engine Technology

// BlasterX Acoustic Engine Pro for the Kratos S5 at

// BlasterX Acoustic Engine Lite for Kratos S3 at

For more information about the speakers and the entire Sound BlasterX Pro-Gaming series, please visit

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