Creative Launches SXFI GAMER Flagship Gaming Headset

👤by Michael Pabia Comments 📅10.07.2020 05:22:16
Press Release

Creative Technology has launched its flagship gaming headset, the Creative SXFI GAMER. The SXFI GAMER is powered by a BATTLE Mode audio profile that’s designed for gaming along with an all-new CommanderMic with professional-grade clarity. The SXFI GAMER sports a Kevlar-reinforced USB cable and RGB lighting on the earcups.

Gaming Sounds Real Like Never Before

Having snagged 23 best-of-show awards over the last two editions of CES 2019-2020, users and critics have been blown away by the next-generation realism of Super X-Fi headphone holography.

Since the start of this year, Super X-Fi products have been upgraded to Gen2, an improved and expanded version of Super X-Fi which incorporates key enhancements like higher accuracy in personalising a user’s audio profile, extending more details in the surround sound configuration, better audio positioning and fidelity.

The Creative SXFI GAMER incorporates all of these and goes one step further with BATTLE Mode, a specially-designed audio profile which optimises Super X-Fi to a perfect fit for FPS games – environmental imaging, audio cues, distance projection and directionality are all enhanced with unprecedented levels of accuracy for the competitive gamer’s benefit, while preserving the essence of the award-winning holographic audio experience.

Look, Feel and Talk like a Pro Gamer

Besides its sharpshooter audio quality, the SXFI GAMER performs in various ways befitting bona fide pro gamers.

The CommanderMic makes its debut in a completely new acoustic design which includes an integrated pop filter. It sports Creative’s latest SXFI inPerson microphone technology, which uses a special algorithm to enhance speech pick-up while suppressing ambient noise effectively.

The SXFI GAMER also ups the cool factor with its custom-designed, Kevlar-reinforced USB cable, which is meticulously engineered for strength and durability as it drives high-speed data transfer to deliver its maximum potential for gaming. The new RGB lighting design on the earcups, which allows users to customise their combat get-up with 16.7 million colours to choose from, provides the finishing move for the SXFI GAMER’s assault on gaming headsets.

“Gaming has always been entrenched in our DNA, since the earliest days of Sound Blaster more than 30 years ago.

“After we successfully created Super X-Fi, which critics have hailed as the holy grail of headphone technology, we did not rest on our laurels. We went ahead and spent a great deal of effort and resources to further improve Super X-Fi, especially targeting the gaming sector. The BATTLE Mode is here, and together with the CommanderMic and other features, the SXFI GAMER truly embodies the culmination of our very best technologies in a gaming headset.

“At the same time, the SXFI GAMER allows you to communicate with others as if they were in front of you, and also they would be able to hear you clearly. Hence it would be a great tool to Work-Learn-Play from home with.”
- Sim Wong Hoo, Creative CEO

Pricing and Availability
The Creative SXFI GAMER gaming headset is priced at only £124.99, and is available from