Creative's SXFI TRIO USB-C Earphones With Triple-Driver System Launched

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SINGAPORE - 25 June 2020 - Creative Technology today announced the launch of the Creative SXFI TRIO, a triple-driver USB-C in-ear headphones that is designed to deliver high-quality holographic audio with all-day comfort on Android phones, PCs and laptops.

Implemented with the latest Super X-Fi Gen2 technology, users can expect greater accuracy in personalization and a better all-round audio experience. Powered by the same triple-driver system as the well-received Aurvana Trio and fitted with a custom-designed Kevlar USB-C cable, SXFI TRIO sets to exceed expectations with balanced, accurate, and natural-sounding digital audio for users on the go.

SXFI TRIO is an excellent audio companion for those always on-the-go.

Wired for Pristine Digital Audio

SXFI TRIO delivers pristine digital audio and great performance powered by an in-house tuned, hybrid triple-driver system. Each of the three drivers (two precision balanced armature drivers for detailed mids and highs, and a bio-cellulose driver for powerful yet clean bass) plays an important part to achieve maximum audio fidelity. Yielding up to 100 dB SNR and 0.008% IMD, SXFI TRIO offers users exceptional audio clarity with balanced and accurate audio that is natural sounding.

Intricately designed and engineered, SXFI TRIO is also fitted with a custom-designed, Kevlar-reinforced cable for exceptional tensile strength, and wrapped in an aluminium and copper shield for higher durability. Its all-round superior quality makes it perfect for use on mobile devices while on the go.

The cream of the features crop is the critically-acclaimed Super X-Fi technology, which is incorporated through an attached in-line SXFI WIRE, which is a 40% smaller version of the already finger-sized SXFI AMP, the first-ever Super X-Fi product and an icon in its own right. Users can enjoy holographic audio which is personalized for an all-natural surround audio experience, that can rival a high-end 7.1 surround sound system.

Work-Learn-Play from Home All Day

SXFI TRIO truly sets itself apart with a new level of audio realism for calls, and makes video calls with family and friends more intimate. It's also excellent for long calls, where the spatialization of Super X-Fi eliminates the fatigue associated with conventional headphones.

As such, SXFI TRIO is the perfect companion to Work-Learn-Play from home with, instead of bulky headphones.

SXFI TRIO's angled earbuds are intricately designed and fine-tuned for long-lasting comfort, and it comes with 6 pairs of different silicone ear tip sizes, so it will be a breeze to find the perfect fit.

Creative's CEO Sim Wong Hoo said, “The SXFI TRIO is an all-rounder, ideal for all day in all places. It's a miniaturized wonder. The triple-driver performance can rival high-end, bulky headphones; with Super X-Fi integrated, I believe it will be very hard to match. Moreover, you are getting two products for the price of one, because it basically integrates the SXFI AMP and the Aurvana Trio into one - their combined price is twice that of SXFI TRIO.”

Pricing and Availability

SXFI TRIO is priced at £124.99 or regional equivalents and is available through For more information, visit

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