CRYORIG Returns and Announces CX Series CPU Coolers

👤by Michael Pabia Comments 📅06.10.2023 14:07:49

CRYORIG is back in the game and announces its latest cooling products - the CRYORIG CX Series CPU Coolers. The CX Series consists of three models - the CX6, CX5, and CX4. The CRYORIG CX6 is a dual-tower heatsink with 6 heat pipes - designed for high-end multi-core Intel and AMD processors. The CX6 comes equipped with dual fans and an RGB-lit shroud for aesthetics. The CRYORIG CX5 is a single-tower heatsink with 5 heat pipes. Lastly, the CRYORIG CX4 is an entry-level cooler with 4 heat pipes.

Strong compatibility Zero interference
Focusing on providing the widest range of compatibility, the cooler's compact size moves the heatsink away from the DIMM slots offering optimal compatibility for RAM with tall heat spreaders on both Intel and AMD platforms.

Being lighter and cooler
The aluminium alloy 1050 fin is tightly stacked with the heat pipes, and the multi-angle design provides an additional 25% of cooling surface area and a 15% increase in the heat exchange power. By utilizing the Jet Fin Acceleration System, the powerful twin-fins and high-efficacy U-shape heat pipes deliver excellent heat dissipation.

Distinctive shock absorbing
The fan and the fin are fixed together with buckles, which may cause resonance and noise. To eliminate this inconvenience, CRYORIG used styrene-butadiene rubber(SBR) as shock absorbers for the fan. This flexible and antifragile material reduces the resonance between metal objects while the PWM fan generates a powerful airflow, which provides the whole structure with a better combination.

A cosmic void-like experience
The CRYORIG CX6 Twin-Tower Cooler is distinctive for its dark stellar appearance, which silently shows its extraordinariness. CRYORIG used a unique paint-baking technique to transform the metal surface into a lustre in galaxies. The deep dark surface also emphasizes CX6s powerful cooling power, devouring all the heat like a black hole.

CRYORIG did not reveal pricing as of this writing. For more information, please visit the links below.

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