CRYORIG's M9 CPU Cooler Announced

👤by Tim Harmer Comments 📅16.09.2015 18:03:40

16.09.2015, Taipei, Taiwan – PC thermal solution innovator CRYORIG releases the M9i and M9a, a compact tower cooling solution with three 6-mm heatpipes, True Copper Base and 92 mm 2200 rpm PWM fan.

The CRYORIG M9i/M9a is an entry-level tower heatsink that is both compact and affordable, but comes packing with material and tech comparable to CRYORIG’s other ultra high end products. Three 6-millimeter high performance copper heatpipes and a True Copper Base makes up the core of the M9i/M9a. Bucking the trend of removing the costly copper base in entry-level products, the M9i/M9a has all the same makings of CRYORIG’s other more expensive products like the H5 Ultimate.

Following the steps of CRYORIG’s successful H Series single tower mid-range heatsinks, the M9i/M9a is CRYORIG’s first product out of it’s M Series entry-level line. Featuring three 6mm high performance copper heatpipes, the M9i/M9a offers 120 Watts of effect TDP cooling capacity. Much like CRYORIG’s many other high-end tower coolers, the M9 puts CRYORIG’s proprietary Jet Fin Acceleration System to good use. The wider air intake section and narrow air exhaust section allows for easy airflow intake and faster air exhaust.

Another key feature of the M9i/M9a is the decision to include a True Copper Base, unlike many other products in the price range. Many products at this price-point select to omit a copper baseplate. The True Copper Base assists heat from the CPU core to spread over to each heatpipe, and also creates more contact surface between the heatpipe and heatsink base. The M9i/M9a comes with a high performance 92 mm 2200 rpm CR-9225 PWM fan, and is also expandable to dual fans configurations.

The M9 also safely avoids the RAM and PCI-E slots, completely avoiding RAM and PCI-E compatibility issues. With a total height of only 124.6 mm it is also highly compatible with nearly all mid-tower ATX or Micro ATX systems.

Also seen for the first time, will be a new edition of CRYORIG’s renowned MultiSeg™ Quick Mount System. The new MultiSeg™ Lite makes the M9i/M9a extremely easy to install, while a sturdy backplate system protects the mainboard from added force and PCB bend.

The M9 is on target for a September global release beginning in Japan, Taiwan, South-East Asia, and the US, with European markets targeted later in October. MSRP is 26.99 USD (excl. VAT) in the USA and 26.99 Euro (excl VAT) in Europe.

CRYORIG M9 Specifications

Dimensions: L87 mm x W102 mm x H124,61 mm
Weight: 425 g
Heatpipe: 6 mm heatpipe x 3 units
Fin: T = 0,4 mm ; Gap = 1,6 mm
Fin Pcs: 40 pcs
Copper Base: C1100 Pure copper nickel plated
RAM Height Limit: Limitless
M9i Compatibility: LGA1151(Skylake)/115X
M9a Compatibility: AMD FM1、FM2/+、AM2/+、AM3/+
TDP: 120 W

Fan (Model: CR-9225)

Dimensions: L92 mm x W92 mm x H 25,4 mm
Weight: 80 g
RPM: 600 ~ 2.200 ±10 %
Noise: 26,4 dBA
Airflow: 48,4 CFM
Air Pressure: 3,1 mmH2O
Ampere: 0,11 A