CyberLink Introduces YouCam 4.1

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Press Release

CyberLink Corp. (5203.TW) is pleased to announce the launch of YouCam 4.1, the newest version of its popular webcam software. YouCam 4.1 is now optimised for 2nd Generation Intel® Core™ Processors, which deliver excellent encoding speed and quality allowing for enhanced HD recording quality while significantly lowering the CPU usage.

YouCam 4.1 continues to provide amazing augmented reality effects, TrueTheater™ Enhancement, interactive particle effects, the ability to create your own avatar, advanced Face-Tracking and support for direct upload to Facebook™ and YouTube™. Additionally, YouCam 4.1 now provides users with HD recording in real time support for HD effects and better and smoother images, thanks to lower CPU usage to deliver the best webcam experience around.

“Optimising YouCam 4.1 for Intel’s 2nd Generation Core Processors continues our commitment to providing the ultimate media experience to our customers,” said Alice H. Chang, CEO of CyberLink. “YouCam 4.1 provides a really fun way to interact and communicate through your webcam and now with new features like HD recording in real time and lower CPU usage, the quality of the webcam experience is enhanced even further.”

New features of CyberLink YouCam 4.1 include:

- Crystal Clear and Smooth Video – Intel Quick Sync Video technology enables YouCam 4.1 to enhance the overall performance of recording, encoding, and saving your video chats and snap shots.

- Improved Video Recording Quality – With YouCam 4.1 you record ultra clear HD video conversations in real time and in H.264 format.

- Lower CPU Usage – By leveraging the H.264 hardware encoder, YouCam 4.1 keeps the CPU usage as low as 10 to 15%, a significant improvement from previous generation Intel processors.

- Smaller File Size – You can now save your recorded video conversation in .MP4 format for a smaller file size. Instead of storing the uncompressed MJPEG data, the video stream is encoded into a H.264 video on the fly.

Key features of YouCam 4.1 also include:

- Enhanced Video Quality with TrueTheater™ Technology – TrueTheater™ Technology for optimised video quality.

- Super Fun Augmented Reality Effects - Advanced pattern recognition to blend virtual 3D objects into webcam videos and interact with them.

- Create Lifelike Avatars for Your Online Chats - YouCam 4.1 offers customisation tools for users to create their own Avatar to mimic the users’ movements and expressions.

- Interact on video with new Particle Effects - Rose petals, confetti, snowflakes and many more – Image Detection allows users to interact with them on camera.

- Download unlimited FREE effects from DirectorZone - A repository of uploaded content from thousands of creative users, DirectorZone is home to extra effects, 3D objects, avatars, and more.

- Upload videos to Social Networks - Share videos through social networks sites by publishing on YouTube, Facebook and DirectorZone directly from YouCam.

Product Availability
YouCam 4.1 is available online supporting the following languages: English, French, German, Italian, Spanish, Chinese (Simplified and Traditional), Japanese, and Korean. CyberLink offers OEM versions to PC and CE manufacturing customers, while a free trial download is also available from the CyberLink website.

CyberLink YouCam 4.1 Versions

YouCam 4.1 Deluxe: £ 36.99

YouCam 4.1 Standard: £ 25.99

Upgrades for previous YouCam versions are available starting at £ 10.99.

For more information visit the website

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