Das Keyboard Cloud-Connected 5Q Keyboard Introduced

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Das Keyboard introduces the world’s first ever cloud-connected keyboard, the Das Keyboard 5Q. The 5Q is an open API RGB mechanical keyboard wherein each key is color-controlled over the internet. Das Keyboard built the 5Q with groundbreaking electronics that provides superior RGB LED brightness and excellent response time. The Das Keyboard 5Q is built for multitaskers and improve their productivity. For durability, the Das Keyboard 5Q has an aluminum top panel. Watch the product overview on the video below.


Streaming Ambient Information
Information can be sent to the Das Keyboard 5Q and use it as a monitor for many different things. Use it as a browser or application and get updated information on virtually anything that’s on the internet or connected to the internet which means including devices. With this function, the 5Q becomes an output device. Keys can be assigned to identify notifications, alerts, reminders and others.

Multi-language Rest API
Das Keyboard allows users to program the 5Q keyboard via a REST API which is an interesting feature if you are a dabble or developer in Javascript. Das Keyboard is preparing a community website wherein developers can share the open source widgets they’ve created which can control lighting effects and others.

Gamma Zulu Mechanical Switches

Das Keyboard worked closely with Omron, a world renowned switch manufacturer today located in Japan. Together they developed what Das Keyboard named as the Zulu Gamma switches which offers modern, fast and tactile feel keys. The Zulu Gamma mechanical switches are rated to withstand 100 millions actuations and is promised to be 100% more durable than competing switches. The Zulu Gamma switches require 45 grams of force which produces a nice tactile feedback. The switches actuate at 1.5mm, full travel is at 3.5mm. Unlike most RGB switches today, the Zulu Gamma switches uses a LED pipe at the switches’ center. Along with groundbreaking electronics, it produces brighter illumination compared to RGB switches in the market today. Das Keyboard used high quality surface-mount (SMT) LEDs, coupled with a diffracting lens and an ultra-clear light guide to create such brightness.

Real-Time One (RTO) Analog Technology
The Das Keyboard 5Q features the RTO Technology wherein promises to give the fastest response time outperforming 99% of mechanical keyboards today that uses outdated polling system which takes 20 to 45 milliseconds for your computer to record. The 5Q detects keypresses in just 0.4 milliseconds and reports it to your computer within 1 millisecond. With the RTO Analog Technology, the Das Keyboard 5Q would be around 45 times faster than most keyboards today.

Product Images


- Zulu Gamma mechanical switches withstanding 100M actuations - made by Omron, Japan.
- Centered SMT RGB Leds
- Q button - dual purpose with volume
- 3 light pipes: 2 on the sides, and 1 around the Q button
- Double-shot key caps for 104-key layout for US
- Laser-etched key caps for 105-key layout for UK, Nordic and German (see below for pictures)
- Tactile bump on F, J, and numeric keypad 5 keys.
- Extra-long 6.5 ft (201 cm) braided USB cable with single USB type-A connector
- Full-time NKRO over USB for fast typists and gamers
- Steel mounting plate
- Aluminium top panel
- Detachable palm-rest with magnetic locking system
- Compatible with Windows, Mac, and Linux

- User upgradable firmware (over the Internet with the Q app)
- Native support for Dvorak and Colemak and key remapping (E.g. CapsLock becomes CRTL)
- Desktop REST Api
- Q desktop application
- Q cloud software
- Q software compatible with Windows, macOS and Linux

Check out the KickStarter project here. For pre-orders, visit the Das Keyboard website. The Das Keyboard 5Q Cloud-Connected Keyboard is set to launch this 2017.

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