Dedicated eSports Arena Added To London Comic Con

👤by Tim Harmer Comments 📅23.04.2015 13:47:00

You'd be excused for assuming that MCM London Comic Con - a convention held in London twice yearly and attended by thousands of eager fans of what has become endearingly known as 'geek culture' - has a scope limited to comic books and associated paraphernalia such as the MCU films, toys etc. However the MCM Expo Group, organisers of London Comic Con, are out to dispel those assumptions and take a more significant step than ever before into the realm of eSports.

Operating in partnership with the ESL, the worlds largest eSports company, London Comic Con this May will feature a three-day £12,000 competition between eight premier UK eSports teams. Furthermore, in a reflection of the growth in and ongoing popularity of the UK eSports scene, organisers are adding an exclusive arena for team competition and audience comfort, all in an effort to accommodate an uptake in live viewers commensurate with online growth.

"We have witnessed a great synergy between pop culture and the new generation of gamers, both audiences understood and enjoyed esports, which lead to record live attendances for UK esports in 2014" - Peter Mather, Community Manager for ESL UK

This year has seen the creation of the ESL UK Premiership, a product designed purely for UK teams and talent and flagship aspect of a heavy investment initiative. To date over 1000 players have taken part in the ESL UK Premiership, watched by over a quarter of a million viewers.

“The soaring popularity of esports in recent years speaks for itself," said MCM show organiser Bryan Cooney. "Our visitors want to enjoy top quality esports live at our events — and what better way to deliver this than through our partnership with industry leaders ESL?"

MCM London Comic Con begins Friday 22nd May, and eSports competition will continue through the 3-day event.

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