DeepCool ASSASSIN IV CPU Cooler Launched

👤by Michael Pabia Comments 📅11.07.2023 16:55:44

DeepCool launches the next-generation ASSASSIN cooler, the ASSASSIN IV, featuring a new aesthetic look and efficient cooling capacity. Compared to its predecessor, the ASSASSIN IV looks modern and elegant with its perfect cube look and well-hidden fans. The ASSASSIN IV is a dual-tower heatsink with 140mm and 120mm fans. Unlike most dual-tower CPU coolers that have one of the fans near the DIMM slots, the ASSASSIN IV have its 120mm at the rear by default pulling air through the cooler as exhaust. With this configuration, the ASSASSIN IV offers maximum memory clearance. Nevertheless, the fan can also be configured at the front.

Key Features

Sleek, Clean, and Functional
The DeepCool ASSASSIN IV features a majestic shroud, which houses dual-tower heat sinks with seven copper heat pipes, and channels all the airflow through the entire cooler.

Quiet or Performance
Change between quiet 22.6 dB(A) and performance modes by simply flipping a switch.

Specialized 120/140m Fan Configuration
The ASSASSIN IV is designed with a quiet and efficient 3-phase 6-pole fan motor, the 120/140mm fans provide optimal airflow at a low noise level.

Industrial Grade Thermal Paste
The DeepCool ASSASSIN IV CPU cooler is bundled with a tube of industrial-grade DeepCool DM9 thermal paste.

Maximum Compatibility
The ASSASSIN IV supports the vast majority of modern Intel and AMD CPUs while the relocatable 120mm fan ensures maximum compatibility for high profile RGB RAM modules.

Pricing and Availability
The DeepCool ASSASSIN IV CPU cooler will retail for US$99.99, shipping to partner resellers worldwide.
Learn more about the ASSASSIN IV CPU cooler on the DeepCool website.

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