DeepCool Introduces MYSTIQUE AIO Liquid Coolers

👤by Michael Pabia Comments 📅20.02.2024 23:59:42

The MYSTIQUE series is DeepCool's new line of liquid coolers with highly sought-after customizable LCD screens. The DeepCool MYSTIQUE AIO cooler features a 2.8-inch LCD screen with a sharp 640x480 pixels and a built-in gyroscopic sensor that automatically adjusts the display vertically when the display is rotated. Using the DeepCreative app, the DeepCool MYSTIQUE can display monitoring figures such as CPU frequency, temperatures, Pump RPM, CPU fan speed, etc. The screen can also display media files or record monitoring statistics for up to 7 minutes.

5th Generation Pump
Built on DeepCool's optimized 5th generation high-performance water pump, the MYSTIQUE brings cooling modern power-hungry CPUs to a new level. The optimized pump design features an efficient 3-phase, 6-slot, 4-pole motor that rotates up to an astounding 3400 RPM while staying under a quiet 21 dB(A).

Redesigned and Improved Coldplate
The DeepCool MYSTIQUE gets a redesigned coldplate that has been optimized for better heat transfer and 0.1mm intensive flow channels. The layout has been placed over CPU hotspots, and a precise liquid splitter makes sure that everything is flowing efficiently.

High-Performance FT12 SE Fans
The MYSTIQUE uses high-performing black FT12 SE PWM fans. These fans are made of durable PBT material and provide excellent pressure and airflow. They also utilize the tried-and-true FDB bearings that are considered the gold standard in our industry. The fan motor will utilize a 3-phase 6-slot 4-pole design that will provide smoother operation than the average case fan.

Anti-Leak Technology
The DeepCool MYSTIQUE liquid coolers feature DeepCool's patented Anti-Leak Technology. The internal valve regulates pressure and will purge it when internal pressure exceeds atmospheric pressure; this leads to a longer useful life while reducing the possibility of leaks.

Simplified Installation
The included mounting hardware provides an easy installation process that ensures proper contact and equal pressure on both Intel and AMD platforms. Everything needed to mount the DeepCool MYSTIQUE to the latest mainstream CPUs is included in the box, so you are ready to go.

Pricing and Availability
The DeepCool MYSTIQUE is available in 240 and 360 radiator variants. The DeepCool MYSTIQUE 360 appears to be listed on Amazon US and Amazon UK for $179.99 and 188.79, respectively.

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