DeepCool Presents AK Digital Series Coolers and CH560 Digital Cases

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DeepCool goes Digital and introduces the new AK Digital Series coolers and CH560 Digital Series cases. The DeepCool AK Digital Series CPU coolers are simply the version of the standard AK Series coolers sporting an RGB-lit shroud with a customizable LCD display for real-time status monitoring. On the other hand, the DeepCool CH560 Digital also sports a customizable LCD display on the bottom shroud, visible through the tempered glass side panel.

DeepCool AK Digital Series Coolers

The DeepCool AK Digital Series air coolers, including the AK400 Digital, AK500 Digital, and AK620 Digital. The new additions to the AK family feature a sleek, low-profile status display and ARGB LED strips, making it the ideal solution for mainstream systems seeking an impressive price-performance ratio in a compact size.

Product Links:
DeepCool AK620 DIGITAL
DeepCool AK500 DIGITAL
DeepCool AK400 DIGITAL

DeepCool CH560 Digital Series Cases

The CH560 and CH560 Digital, are the latest additions to their lineup of high-performance PC cases. Designed to focus on airflow, these cases are perfect for modern power-hungry systems requiring efficient cooling for optimal performance. Available in black and white colours, the CH560 Digital is a newly designed mid-tower case with a concentrated focus on increased airflow throughout the entire chassis. Three bright PWM-enabled 140mm ARGB fans are mounted in front of the pure white main compartment, a hybrid side panel, and a dual status digital screen sets the CH560 DIGITAL WH apart from the competition.

Product Links:
DeepCool CH560 Digital
DeepCool CH560 Digital WH

Availability, Pricing and Warranty
The DeepCool AK400 Digital, AK500 Digital, and AK620 Digital CPU Coolers are available on the DeepCool worldwide network of authorized retailers and distributors including the DeepCool Stores in Amazon US and Amazon UK. The white edition of the whole series will also come out in early September. All are backed by a three-year warranty, alongside the DeepCool worldwide customer service and technical support network. See pricing below.

AK400 DIGITAL: $49.99 / 44.99
AK500 DIGITAL: $69.99 / 64.99
AK620 DIGITAL: $79.99 / 74.99

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