DeepCool Shows Off The Nephrite And Unnamed GamerStorm Cube Chassis

👤by Tim Harmer Comments 📅04.06.2015 15:59:38

DeepCool are out in force at Computex2015, showcasing their ever-burgeoning range of cooling solutions to all-comers the world over. Alongside a Tristellar, a recently released tri-wing chassis which is sporting GamerStorm livery at the event, are previously unknown chassis that are sure to draw an eye or two.

The Nephrite, pictured above via DeepCool's Computex2015 Facebook gallery, is the first striking design. This ITX case measures a slim 330 mm x 100 mm x 428 mm, putting one in mind of the Valve's Steam Machine 'living-room PC' concept. In such a narrow chassis discrete graphics cards are mounted parallel to the motherboard rather than perpendicular, and DeepCool have embraced the necessity by making the section totally transparent.

The principle challenges for DeepCool's Nephrite design will be cooling high-end components. Internally there may be room for a low profile CPU cooler or 120mm AIO solution, but both the motherboard and GPU compartment will have to largely make do with ventilation holes rather than active air flow in and out. Similarly, strict SFX PSU compatibility will limit total system power somewhat, but no more so than the ITX form factor itself.

Showcased alongside the Nephrite is an as-yet unnamed Cube design also bearing the GamerStorm brand. Another mITX solution, this case is constructed of SGCC steel and plastic and can accommodate a full size ATX PSU, two 120mm fans, once 80mm fan and up to 120mm cooling radiators. The design splits the chassis into two sections, one for PSU and storage, the other for motherboard and GPU; somewhat surprisingly DeepCool have eschewed an optical drive bay entirely.

Like the Nephrite and Tristellar showing off your GPU is also important in this unnamed chassis; the left-hand panel is transparent, whilst most of the other removable panels are flat black. Presuming that each panel can be removed easily assembling a system within this enclosure should be very straightforward for an ITX chassis.

More pictures and product information, as well as images of the Maelstrom AIO cooler lineup at Computex, can be found on DeepCool's Facebook page. TechPowerUp also have a selection of additional images for the Nephrite chassis.

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