Defining A New Gen. of Cases? Fractal Design Unveil Their Define C Chassis Series

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Fractal Design's Define series of PC cases have been a mainstay in the market since they made a splash with the original version a few years ago. One of the first to bring in sound-deadening material, sharp aesthetics and quality of life improvements such as cable management cut-outs to the sub-£100 market, the Define cases have in themselves almost defined the ideal feature set of a mid-range PC system chassis. Today Fractal are announcing the latest evolution on the classic Define series, known as the Define C, which updates the series to account for new developments and trends in consumer systems.

So many cases on the market today are made to be all things to all people. However, for many this results in a chassis full of empty bays, unused mounts and excess bulk. Created for those who demand a flexible platform for a powerful ATX or Micro ATX build that wastes no space, the Define C Series is the perfect solution to satisfy this balance of capacity and efficiency.

Smaller than the usual ATX and Micro ATX case, the Define C and Define Mini C with its optimized interior provides the perfect base for users. The open air design offers unobstructed airflow across your core components with high performance and silent computing in mind at every step.

Extensive cooling support via both air and water are offered to make sure even the most powerful systems can be cooled effectively. Carrying signature Define series traits, the Define C Series brings with it that iconic front panel design, dense sound dampening material throughout and ModuVent technology in the top panel. Those wanting to remove the ModuVent to add more fans or a radiator can install in its place the new magnetic dust filter and a built in power supply shroud helps offer an unmatched level of cable management.

Our team of engineers in Sweden made sure performance without restrictions was paramount. With innovative design, the Define C Series brings your system together in a truly exquisite way, reminding us why we choose Fractal Design.

Looking at the exterior alone you'd be forgiven for thinking that not much had changed with the Define C. The classic clean lines of the Define Series are virtually unchanged, making it at home in the office or living room thanks to a welcome lack of garish accoutrements. Place the case side0by-side with the Define R5 and you'll notice that it's more compact, despite compatibility with the same ATX motherboard spec. To see major differences we need to look deeper.

Internally the changes from the mainline R5 design are clear. Gone are the long rack of 3.5mm HDD bays in favour of 2.5mm SSD mounting points and a substantial PSU cover, indicating that the Define C has shied away from the label of 'SOHO server PC chassis of choice' and towards mainstream home and gaming systems. The Define S also eschews high-end cooling compatibility, limiting itself to 360mm and 240mm radiators rather than 420mm options possible in the larger siblings.

By including the PSU cover the Define C also differentiates itself from 2015's Define S. Hidden by the PSU cover are cables and 3.5mm drive bays, keeping the system internals tidy without limiting system configuration options. Additional SSD mounting options are also available through a bracket that affixes behind the motherboard tray.

Apart from these key differences Fractal Design have kept the core Define features intact: sound deadening foam and ModuVent technology both see a welcome return in the Define C.

Technical Specs

- ATX, Micro ATX and ITX motherboard compatibility
- 7 expansion slots
- 2 - 3.5" HDD positions; 3 - 2.5" dedicated SSD unit positions
- 7 - Fan positions (2 Fractal Design Dynamic X2 GP12 120mm fans included)
- Filtered fan slots in the front, top and bottom (ejects from the front of the case)
- CPU coolers up to 168mm in height
- ATX PSUs up to 175mm deep
- Graphics cards up to 315mm in length with front fans mounted
- 15 - 35mm of space for cable routing behind the motherboard plate
- Velcro straps included for easy cable management
- Both side panels and rear HDD/SSD brackets feature smart captive thumbscrews
- Dense sound dampening material on front, left and right side panels
- ModuVent™ on top of case for further silent computing or additional ventilation
- Colours available: Black
- Case dimensions (LxWxH): 399 x 210 x 440mm
- Case dimensions - with feet/protrusions/screws: 413 x 210 x 453mm
- Net weight: 6.8 kg
- Package dimensions (LxWxH): 543 x 290 x 484mm
- Package weight: 8.4 kg

Cooling Options - Air

- Front: 3 – 120/140 mm fans (includes 1 Fractal Design Dynamic X2 GP12 fan)
- Rear: 1 – 120 mm fan (includes 1 Fractal Design Dynamic X2 GP12 fan)
- Top: 2 - 120/140 mm fan (not included)
- Bottom: 1 – 120 mm fan (not included)
- Dust filters: Bottom, top and front intakes

Cooling Options - Radiator compatilibity

- Front – 360, 280, 240, 140 and 120 mm. Max width 144 mm
- Top – 240 and 120 mm radiators. Max component height on motherboard 40mm
- Rear – 120 mm. Max width 125 mm

For more detailed information and additional images check out Fractal The Define C has a UK MSRP of £83.99, and is set to go on sale in the very near future.

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