Dell unleash a 32inch 8K Monitor with a dizzying price of $5000. The UltraSharp UP3218K.

👤by Jamie Holmes Comments 📅28.03.2017 11:18:31
The consumer market for computer displays has never been so diverse and full of features with options to meet even the most extravagant needs. However, the champion of extravagance has arrived and it comes in the form of 32-inch 8K Monitor. As indicated by the price, this newest instalment from Dell is by no means aimed at the general market and it is going to require an extra special and equally expensive PC with the latest components to drive all those pixels.

The UP3218K is a remarkable feat of electrical engineering aimed at the extreme end of the professional market, with a whopping resolution of 7680x4320 and a pixel density of 280PPI which is achieved using an IPS panel. With features such as these, this monitor is still somehow capable of delivering a reasonable 60Hz. One of the most sobering facts about this monitor is that there isnít currently a cable with enough bandwidth capable of sustaining an 8K resolution at 60Hz. To achieve this you will in fact have to connect two separate DisplayPort 1.4 cables to your graphics card!

What else does your five grand buy you? The Dell UP3218K comes with a 1,300:1 Contrast Ratio, 6ms Grey to Grey response time and 178į vertical/horizontal viewing angles. The stand is both functional and elegantly crafted with the ability to adjust tilt, swivel, pivot and height, all wrapped up in an aluminium finish. Last but not least, Dellís very own PremierColor technology delivers an incredible 1.07 billion colours (64 times more colour depth than standard monitors).

The UP3218K is available to order today from . Estimated shipping date is 19/4/2017

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