Dirac and ASUS Push the Boundaries of Mobile Sound in the New ROG Phone 6

👤by Michael Pabia Comments 📅13.07.2022 19:53:23
Press Release

Swedish digital audio pioneer Dirac and ASUS today announced collaboration on the newly launched ROG Phone 6 Series, which features audiophile-level sound quality that fully immerses gamers in the heart of the action and establishes a new standard in mobile audio.

Dirac Virtuo™ Spatial Audio

The new ROG gaming phone from ASUS features the Dirac Virtuo spatial audio solution, which leverages patented algorithms to enable immersive stereo sound from the smartphone's built-in speakers while also enhancing the speakers' overall sound quality. Dirac and ASUS previously collaborated on the ROG Phone 3, ROG Phone 5 and ROG Phone 5s. Now, the bar for smartphone audio has yet again been raised with the launch of the ROG Phone 6 series.

Dirac Virtuo addresses these challenges head-on to reimagine the smartphone audio experience. The solution enables a spatial, expanded soundscape with accurate sound localization on the ROG Phone 6 series. The directions from which different sounds appear are heard with higher precision and accuracy. For instance, when opponents move across the screen, the player can clearly hear their footsteps – smoothly entering from left, approaching the center, and continuing to fade to the right, creating a true, authentic sense of immersion and spatialization.

Furthermore, it's patented technologies phase-align the dual speakers to deliver accurate center imaging with enhanced clarity, contrast, and depth rarely heard on smartphones. To optimize bass performance and enable the ROG Phone 6 series to achieve deeper levels of bass than otherwise thought possible, Dirac Virtuo features an upgraded virtual bass technology that creates a deeper and more natural bass experience, yet with minimal unwanted colorations – allowing gamers to not just hear the sound but also feel the energy and excitement of the gameplay.

More specifically, Dirac Virtuo features numerous breakthrough technologies. Patented MIMO mixed-phase speaker co-optimization technology phase-aligns ROG Phone 6’s dual speakers to improve center image, clarity, and immersion. Soundstage widening technology extends the perceived distance between speakers to create a spatial, expanded soundscape otherwise not possible. An industry-first MEMS microphone array measurement technology ensures accurate measurement of acoustic characters, while a new version of its virtual bass technology enables deeper bass from small speakers, with minimal unwanted colorations.

Together, these technologies deliver a high-quality, immersive gaming experience that even the most discerning audiophiles and passionate gamers will appreciate.

GameFX Audio
The GameFX audio system on the ROG Phone 6 series features symmetrical dual front-facing stereo speakers, along with a 3.5 mm headphone jack. The smartphone will also support the ROG Cetra True Wireless headphones, which feature the Dirac Opteo sound optimization solution – which digitally optimizes the headphone’s sound to overcome hardware limitations and enable them to perform at their full potential.

Learn more about Dirac Virtuo that empowers the ROG Phone 6 Series at Dirac.com