DOOM Eternal 4K Footage Makes A Compelling Case For RTX 3080

👤by Tim Harmer Comments 📅03.09.2020 15:08:39

NVIDIA are building up to September 17th and market availability for the GeForce RTX 3080, and idly passing the time by dropping performance bombshells on social media. The latest has the RTX 3080 up against the RTX 2080 Ti - Turing's flagship - in challenging conditions: DOOM Eternal 4K gameplay. Spoiler alert - it doesn't go well for Turing.

While the RTX 2080 Ti strives manfully to offer smooth gameplay by maintaining 60fps at 4K in DOOM Eternal, it's a very different story for the Ampere flagship. The card easily surpasses its predecessor by double-digit frame rates, generally pushing past 100fps and hitting 144fps at times. That's an astonishing level of performance, even considering how well DOOM Eternal's engine is optimised to operating with the Vulkan API.

For the first time the RTX 3080 makes a compelling case for one of a growing number of 4K G-SYNC 100Hz+ monitors, when previously 1440p 144Hz was the general sweet-spot with even premium RTX GPUs. It's another reason why the RTX 30-series will shake up the entire PC gaming hardware market, and not just graphics cards alone.

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