DSM 7.0, The MR2200ac Mesh Router & More Announced At Synology 2019 Event

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Milton Keynes, United Kingdom - October 4, 2018 - Synology’s annual launch event Synology 2019 took place in London on Tuesday, introducing brand new products and applications to be launched, including a new version of the company’s award-winning NAS Operating System DiskStation Manager 7.0 (DSM 7.0), a new hardware Unified Controller UC300 delivering dual-active architecture that maximises service availability, the Active Backup Suite for businesses workloads protection, and Mesh Router MR2200ac together with Synology Router Manager 1.2 (SRM 1.2), and much more.

“Synology keeps offering safe and reliable products and services to our customers. As a data storage vendor, we’ve received numerous accolades from various industries, including the government, national defence, finance, technology, and manufacturing, to name a few. In the near future, Synology will keep exploring different markets with machine learning, creating an all-inclusive solution centring around storage, off-site backup, network communication, and cloud services,” said Derren Lu, CEO at Synology Inc.

DSM 7.0 introduces new UX guidelines and storage framework

DSM 7.0 features revamped user experience and visual design that enhance web responsiveness and provide interactive guidance to system status and controls, helping users stay updated on what has happened, why it happened, and how to resolve abnormality when it arises.

DSM 7.0 is equipped with rapid disk reconstruction technology exclusive to Synology, disk failure prediction powered by machine learning, and an automatic disk replacement mechanism, which minimises risk of data loss in the event of RAID degradation. In addition, the all-new CMS 2.0 (Central Management System 2.0) can manage up to 10,000 NAS devices, making large-scale deployment possible for business users.

Dual-active Unified Controller UC300 delivers continuous iSCSI service

Over 25% of Synology users use iSCSI Target service. To provide a more stable storage infrastructure, Synology will launch a new product line: UC300 (Unified Controller), the first iSCSI dedicated server with dual-active controller. It ensures uninterrupted service against single point of failure, and delivers impressive performance with over 100,000 IOPS.

Active Backup Suite provides business data protection free of license charge

To help business with limited IT budget and resources, Synology will release Active Backup Suite completely free of license charge, allowing users to protect their Windows, vmware, and public cloud workloads on a single storage platform and DSM interface, backed with Synology’s comprehensive extended backup and VM restore strategies.

Mesh router MR2200ac and SRM 1.2 levels up network security and management

The world’s first WPA3-certified mesh router MR2200ac is equipped with Synology Router Manager 1.2 (SRM 1.2). Aside from extended Wi-Fi coverage that offers a fast and reliable Internet connection, the intuitive interface also allows users to further understand, monitor, and protect their home network.

The all new Safe Access package allows users to establish different user rules to monitor Internet usage on every device to keep attacks from malicious websites at bay, thereby safeguarding network security for home and business users.

In addition, Synology also announced File Streaming capabilities in Synology Drive, integration between Synology products and Alexa, Siri and Google voice assistants, Surveillance Station DVA (Deep Video Analytics) powered by deep learning technologies, and more.

For more information on new products and services visit Synology.com

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