Ducky and Bethesda Softworks Presents Ducky x DOOM Edition One 3 SF Keyboard

👤by Michael Pabia Comments 📅11.01.2024 17:08:38
Press Release

Ducky and Bethesda Softworks, bring the power of DOOM to your keyboard presenting the Ducky x DOOM Edition One 3 SF Series keyboards. Ducky integrates the DOOM theme and applies the image with dye-sublimation techniques to the keycaps, a design that embodies the spirit of the game. The collaboration aims to deliver a premium, customized keyboard that not only looks the part but also enhances the gaming experience for DOOM enthusiasts.

The Ducky x DOOM Edition One 3 SF is limited to 666 pieces for both ANSI and ISO layouts. The keyboard is equipped with PBT Dye-Sublimation keycaps, a Type-C detachable cable, an N-Key Rollover design, RGB lighting effects, and a hot-swappable socket, all complemented in a small form factor. Fans can expect a unique fusion of Ducky's renowned mechanical keyboard expertise and id Software’s DOOM.

Key Features
Limited edition DOOM gaming keyboard officially licensed by Bethesda
65% form factor
Features Quack Mechanics for premium typing
Five-side dye sub keycaps and UV printed back
RGB lighting to illuminate the exclusive design

Pricing and Availability
The Ducky x DOOM Edition One 3 Series keyboards are available in CHERRY MX Brown, CHERRY MX Blue, CHERRY MX Red, CHERRY MX Silent Red, and CHERRY MX Speed Silver switch variants, now available at Overclockers UK for £220.00 (incl. VAT).

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