EK Fluid Gaming Systems: Pre-Built Liquid Cooled Gaming PCs

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EK Water Blocks introduces the EK Fluid Gaming Systems, pre-built gaming desktop systems with full liquid cooling solutions featuring the second-generation AMD Ryzen 2000 Series processors. The EK Fluid Gaming Systems are perfect for enthusiasts and gamers that dont have the luxury of time to shop their own hardware and liquid cooling components then putting everything together. EKWB offers finished high-performance and professionally-built gaming systems that you simply need to plug and play.

Configure Your Own Gaming PC

EKWB offer the Fluid Gaming Systems in both pre-configured and fully configured systems wherein EK gives its customers freedom to choose each component including the motherboard, graphics card, RAM, power supply, and storage which and be either SSD, HDD or both. EKWB offer wide selection components is available, including the newly released 2nd generation of AMD Ryzen processors. To further improve aesthetics, EKWB also partnered with CableMod to offer the CableMod Pro series sleeved cable kits for power supplies.

Built for Gaming

The creation of Fluid Gaming Systems is to provide high-performance and highly aesthetics gaming machines with excellent cooling through EKWBs liquid cooling solutions. Unique options offered to make every unit different and personalised include custom painted PCs, colour theme matching including coolant colour and fitting colour, sleeve cable kit colours, illumination options and others. EKWB will also ensure your gaming system will run games at the maximum possible settings with superb stability and high FPS.

High-Performance with Silent Operation

EK Water Blocks liquid cooling solutions are known to provide excellent cooling and silent operation compared to traditional air cooling solutions. The radiators have densely packed fins wherein low-speed cooling fans can effectively dissipate heat. Easily overclock your system without generating a lot of noise with EKs liquid cooling hardware.

Pricing and Availability
EK Fluid Gaming Systems are available for pre-order through the EK Fluid Gaming web page. Shipping will start on the first week of May 2018. EK Fluid Gaming System PCs starts at $2099.99 USD, only available on the US region as of this writing.

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