EK Gaming Series Kits – Superior Liquid Cooling for Gaming Rigs

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EK Water Blocks releases a new series of liquid cooling kits designs for gaming PCs – the EK Gaming Series or G kits. The EK G Kits make use of the 5.25-inch bays on PC cases which tend to be unused nowadays given the popular use of flash drives and USB ports. The EK G Kits will be joining the existing liquid cooling kits which are the Slim, Liquid, Performance and Xtreme Series kits. The EK G kits are available in three different packages which are basically named after the radiator size included in the kit. The EK G Kits available are the EK-KIT G240 with an EK-CoolStream PE 240 radiator, EK-KIT G280 with an EK-CoolStream CE 280 and the EK-KIT G360 with an EK-CoolStream PE 360.

Makings of the EK Gaming Series Kits

EK-Supremacy MX UNI
The EK G kits will feature the EK-Supremacy MX UNI CPU water block which has a universal compatibility to all modern CPU sockets. Hence, there’s an option to upgrade to the EVO water block.

EK-CoolStream Radiators
The EK G kits feature EK-CoolStream radiators which offer the best cooling performance in the 38-45mm thick-class radiators. These radiators provide great performance with both low-airflow and high-airflow setups.

EK-Vardar Fans
The EK-Vardar fans are high-static pressure industrial-grade cooling fans that’s specially engineered for liquid cooling systems, particularly for radiators. The EK-KIT G240 and EK-KIT G360 will be bundled with 120mm EK-Vardar fans, two and three respectively to cover the fan mounts in the radiator for a push or pull configuration. The EK-KIT G280 will have two 140mm EK-Vardar cooling fan.

EK-DBAY D5 PWM MX – Plexi (incl. pump)
EK water blocks will be including a pump-reservoir combo for the G kits which saves space and provide better airflow inside the chassis. The EK-DBAY D5 features a high-performance D5 pump integrated in a dual-5.25-inch bay form factor reservoir.

EK-Duraclear Tubing
The EK G kits will have two meters of high-quality EK-Duraclear PVC tubing that’s guaranteed to be free of plasticizer leaching issues.

EK-ACF Compression Fittings
The EK G kits will come bundled with six EK-ACF advanced compression fittings in 10/13mm – Nickel variant.

EK-CryoFuel Clear Coolant
For the coolant, the EK G kits will come with a 100mL concentrated EK-CryoFuel Clear which when diluted with 900mL of distilled water will yield a litre of coolant which is more than enough to fill the entire loop. The EK-CryoFuel has biological growth inhibitors and is a non-toxic mixture that prevents corrosion.

The EK G Series liquid cooling kits are compatible with the Intel LGA-775, Intel LGA-1366, Intel LGA-1150/1151/1155/1156, Intel LGA-2011(-3), and AMD Socket AM4. For the older AMD sockets like AM2(+), AM3(+), FM1, FM2(+), additional support kits can be requested free of charge through the EK webshop.

All the EK G Series kits are now available at the EK Webshop and partner reseller networks worldwide. See MSRP of each kit below:
EK-KIT G240: 289,95€/$ 335.99
EK-KIT G280: 299,95€/$ 349.99
EK-KIT G360: 314,95€/$ 369.99

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