EK Introduces EK-Loop FPT 120 and 140 Fans

👤by Michael Pabia Comments 📅28.11.2023 22:27:53

EK introduces the EK-Loop Fan FPT 120 – Black and EK-Loop Fan FPT 140 – Black fans, designed to deliver reliability, performance, wide operating range, and no LEDs. The EK FPT fans feature a full-frame design that doesn’t allow air to escape outside the frame, thus achieving better static pressure overall. The latest fan also allows daisy-chaining, ultimately reducing cable clutter and easing cable routing through the EK-OmniLink – an 8-pin Micro-Fit connector ecosystem. All the signal and power wiring runs on a single cable and connector, which then utilizes a single cable to connect to the source. The EK-OmniLink daisy-chaining mechanism uses a standard 4-pin PWM fan connector to connect to the motherboard.

FPT – Full Pressure Technology Fan Frame
Full Pressure Technology (FPT) is a full-frame design that makes contact with the radiator, sealing it completely off and not allowing air to escape the frame and cause a loss of static air pressure.

Rubber corners are implemented on both sides of the fan to reduce vibration transfer to the rest of the PC. The EK badge on the frame is applied in two orientations, allowing users to achieve optimal logo orientation for aesthetic reasons. The cable can be optionally moved over to the other side if it eases cable routing.

EK-OmniLink solution allows daisy chaining of multiple fans, reducing cable clutter and greatly easing cable management. The Omni-Link interconnect ecosystem will be significantly expanded in the near future for additional benefits. It uses Micro-fit 8-pin connectors between products.

The EK-OmniLink design resolves the cable clutter issues of unifying the connection of multiple fans onto a single PWM header while maintaining complete flexibility if you want to remove a single fan from the chain. Other similar solutions on the market use interlocking mechanisms, which require the removal of the entire fan link when you need more room to tighten a fitting on a radiator.

FDB – Fluid Dynamic Bearing
A new motor with a Fluid Dynamic Bearing will significantly reduce noise, especially during low RPM operation. Operational friction is kept at very low levels even after years of service, unlike the traditional ball-bearing fans, which get noisier with time.

Availability and Pricing
The EK-Loop FPT 120 and EK-Loop FPT 140 fans are available for purchase through the EK Webshop and Partner Reseller Network for 16.90€ per fan.

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