EK Releases MSI Radeon R9 390X Gaming Water Block

👤by Noah Cunning Comments 📅14.02.2016 04:33:02

The EK-FC R9-390X TF5 is a high-performance Full-Cover water block which replaces the aftermarket MSI TwinFrozr Vcooler that comes with the MSI GPU when purchased. The EK-FC R9-390X TF5 covers the GPU, VRAM, and the Voltage Regulation Modules. This allows water to flow closely to these parts to keep them cool, for extreme overclocking.

The base is made of nickel-plated electrolytic copper while the top is made of quality POM Acetal or acrylic depending on the model. Screw-in brass standoffs are pre-installed and allow for safe installation. The EK-FC R9-390X TF5 water block features EK unique central inlet split-flow design is specialized for the best possible cooling. This block also works great with a reversed water flow without affecting cooling performance. This design also allows this block to be used with weaker water pumps.

There is a black anodized aluminum backplate available for purchase. The backplate will help cool the backside of the PCB, mainly around the VRM area.

EK’s website has a simple search function to find a water block compatible with multiple graphics cards. You can visit their website here. Both the EK-FC R9-390X TF5 – Nickel and the EK-FC R9-390X TF5 – Acetal+Nickel are priced the same at 122.95€, and the EK-FC R9-390X TF5 – Backplate – Black is priced at 29.95€.

SOURCE: videocardz

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