EK Tease Fury X Waterblocks

👤by Tim Harmer Comments 📅29.06.2015 21:02:34

Watercooling specialists EK Waterblocks are generally first with every GPU waterblock design, thanks in part to great manufacturer relationships but also due to a dedicated cohort of engineers. It's therefore quite unsurprising to hear that they're in the process of developing a waterblock for reference designs of the AMD Radeon R9 Fury X, with the aim of reducing temperatures below even the 50C target of the stock closed loop liquid cooler.

Posting on Overclock.net's user forums, EK representative EK_tiborrr revealed the EK-FC R9 Fury X: a full-cover waterblock for AMD's flagship GPU. Perhaps most notably it's a single-slot-compatible waterblock (naturally coming with a single-slot PCI bracket), allowing the card to be installed in ever more cramped (yet water-cooled) systems in keeping with the diminutive 'performance' form factor Fiji has unlocked. Four different block designs (nickel/acetate etc.) and five different backplates (black, nickel, red, blue, gold/yellow) are part of the very tempting package.

EK_tiborrr has also followed up with a quick statement on load temperatures. Extended Furmark testing yielded core temperatures of just ~42.0C, with water temps of ~33.5C, far lower than the R9 Fury X's 50C 'target temperature'.

The EF-FC R9 Fury X is set to be released in the very near future. We also wonder if there is a similar 'small' reference PCB for the air-cooled Fury, and if EK will therefore be able to capitalise on the potential of the lower priced cards when they become available later this month.

Source: Overclock.net

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