EK Water Blocks Introduces EK-DuraClear Transparent Tubing

👤by Michael Pabia Comments 📅10.11.2016 21:48:12

EK Water Block introduces the EK-DuraClear transparent tubing for PC liquid cooling systems. The EK-DuraClear comes in the four most common sizes in 3-meter retail packages. The EK-DuraClear features resistance to ultraviolet radiation (UVA, UVB and UVC) for improved durability and longevity.

The EK-DuraClear Tubing
The EK-DuraClear transparent tubing is specially designed and manufactured for builders that prefer using soft tubing on their custom liquid cooling systems. The EK-DuraClear is also ideal and compatible to a wide range of existing closed-loop cooling systems available today making it versatile and compatible to many applications. It would be a good option for fixing closed-loop liquid coolers or for replacing stiff stock tubing. EK Water Blocks aim the EK-DuraClear to be the most durable, flexible and transparent tubing for liquid cooling in the market today.

EK-DuraClear features a very smooth inner wall that inhibits particle entrapment or gathering. Such feature reduce the potential for contamination and bacterial growth as well as ensure maximum flow of coolant through the tubing having less resistance. The EK-DuraClear has been tested to withstand worse case scenarios in liquid cooling systems due to everyday use.

EK Water Blocks boasts the flexibility of the EK-DuraClear transparent tubing with it having an excellent bend ratio without kinking. With the EK-DuraClear having one of the best bend ratios in the market today, it is ideal for tight builds that require tubing to be twisted and bent in tighter curves. Tighter bends without kinking ensure good cooling performance and flow. The EK-DuraClear’s glass-like transparency is designed for EK-Ekoolant cooling liquids that makes the coolant colors more vibrant.

EK-DuraClear 9.5/12.7mm 3M RETAIL - €14.95
EK-DuraClear 11.1/15.9mm 3M RETAIL - €16.95
EK-DuraClear 9.5/15.9mm 3M RETAIL - €17.95
EK-DuraClear 12.7/19mm 3M RETAIL -€19.95

The EK-Duraclear is available in all the four most common tubing sizes today. The EK-DuraClear tube is now available the the EK Webshop and Partner Reseller Networks. EK-DuraClear 12.7/19mm will be available at a later date).

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