EK Water Blocks Intros EK-Loop Connect Control Hub

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Press Release

EK Water Blocks introduces the EK-Loop Connect, a straightforward and powerful information and control hub for all relevant parameters in a liquid-cooled PC. The EK-Loop Connect is an all-in-one controller unit for cooling fans, liquid cooling pumps, flow meters, addressable D-RGB devices, and others. The EK-Loop Connect is one of the most powerful, mainstream fan and RGB LED controllers available to date with up to 170W total power delivery.

The EK-Loop Connect

The EK-Loop Connect centralizes all your liquid cooling components that enables the user to connect and control cooling fans, pump, flow meter, coolant level indicator and other liquid cooling relevant parameters into on controller unit. The EK-Loop Connect is a first of its kind. Using the controller hub, users can customize RGB lighting effects and optimize cooling performance and noise levels through a simple PWM chart or pre-defined profiles.

The EK-Loop Connect offers up to 170W of total power delivery with each of the 6 4-pin PWN fan headers capable of delivering up to 20W of power. Users can easily daisy chain multiple cooling fans with PWM splitters to connect in one 4-pin PWM fan header. The control hub has six non-proprietary addressable D-RGB headers that can deliver up to 8W of power. The EK-Loop Connect features a LED Overpower Protection System that protects the addressable D-RGB LEDs in cases of overload. The EK-Loop Connect sports an RGB-lit EKWB logo in the centre that also works as an indicator, illuminating a static red colour, warning builders to reduce the number of LEDs attached.

D-RGB Product Compatibility

Products that are compatible with the popular RGB sync technologies from all major motherboard manufacturers, and are using the standard 3-pin 5V connectors, should work perfectly fine with the EK-Loop Connect.

EK-Loop Connect Technical Specification
Dimensions (L x H x W): 126 x 18 x 70mm
Power Output for Fans: 20W per header
Power Output for LEDs: 8W per header
Mounting Holes: 2.5″ drive mounting holes

1x (PWR) 4-Pin Female Molex (2x Female SATA to 1x Male Molex Adapter Included)
6x (F1-F6) Standard 4-pin PWM Fan Header
6x (L1-L6) D-RGB Header 3-Pin 5V Digital LED Header (Pinout: +5V, D, Blocked, Ground)
3x (T1-T3) Temperature Probe Headers
1x (FLO) Flow Meter Connection (upcoming product)
1x (LVL) Coolant Level Indicator (upcoming product)
1x USB 2.0 Data Header
1x (EXT) Data Header for Daisy Chain (upcoming product)

Connect Software

The EK-Loop Connect’s proprietary control software, the Connect Software, has an easy-to-navigate software interface that is simple enough for beginners and advanced enough for enthusiasts. The software platform supports the following features below:
- Fan Speed PWM Curve Control
- PUMP Speed PWM Curve Control
- Addressable D-RGB Lighting Control
- Physical Thermal-Probe Readouts
- Hardware Temperature Readouts
- Manual Air Bleeding Activation
- Safety Coolant-Level Sensor (upcoming feature)
- Coolant Flow Readout (upcoming feature)
- Coolant Replacement Reminder (upcoming feature)

Pricing and Availability
The EK-Loop Connect is now available at the EK Webshop for $59.99/54.90€.

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