EK Water Blocks Intros EK-Quantum Magnitude Series Water Blocks

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Press Release

EK Water Blocks introduces its latest addition to the Quantum Line of products - EK-Quantum Magnitude CPU water blocks. The EK-Quantum Magnitude delivers the highest performance using specific flow distribution, cold plate geometry, and mounting pressure tailored to specific CPU IHS. The EK-Quantum Magnitude features an internal geometry that creates a greater heat transfer area with less restriction that will not stress the custom loop liquid cooling system.

EK-Quantum Magnitude

EK-Quantum Magnitude uses a bold and different approach in the CPU water block cooling mechanism which accentuates an integrated X- and H-shaped three-dimensional frame with premium finishes. The EK-Quantum Magnitude CPU water blocks feature screws that are morphed into sophisticated design details offering unique aesthetics, unlike any other CPU water block.

The EK-Quantum Magnitude sports interchangeable accent frames that’s available in different colours, materials, and finishes offering a higher degree of personalization and customization for builders. The EK-Quantum Magnitude comes in Intel 115X, Intel 20XX, and AMD AM4 socket optimized configurations, each available in four material versions. A choice of two models in each variation comes equipped with an addressable D-RGB LED Strip that’s tucked under the inner-frame with 30 individually addressable RGB LEDs.

Pricing and Availability
The EK-Quantum Magnitude water blocks are now available at the EK Webshop starting at US$209.99. Flat nickel and flat copper cold plates and accents are also sold separately.

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