EK Water Blocks Intros New EK-FC Terminal X Series

👤by Michael Pabia Comments 📅06.10.2017 21:21:41

EK Water Blocks introduces new terminals for full-cover graphics card water blocks - EK-FC Terminal X Series. It offers a redesigned connectivity with a more minimalistic design with only an engraved EKWB logo on it. The new X Series Terminals are also compatible with the newly implemented aesthetic terminal covers on EK-FC series GPU water blocks.

EKWB offers the new X Series terminals in both parallel and serial terminal types for connecting EK Full-Cover GPU water blocks. To go with the typical offerings from EKWB, the EK-FC Terminal X Series is available in Acetal and Plexi versions offering a broad and fitting choice to your full cover GPU water blocks. The black terminals are CNC machined from solid piece of high-quality POM Acetal material, while the Plexi version uses cast acrylic and the externals are machine-polished to a high-gloss glass-like finish.

The new Parallel X series terminals offer two inlet holes on both sides enable the user to pick the Inlet / Outlet scenario that suits him best. In addition, both Parallel and Serial Terminals feature G1/4″ threaded ports that are flush with the body of the terminal. This means that fittings can be applied directly to the terminal, providing a clean and symmetric look. In the end, if someone dislikes the new aesthetic terminal covers on EK-FC series GPU water blocks, you can just remove them, and use the terminals in the same manner.

See EKWB’s full list of EK-Terminal X models here. EKWB plans to release more variants coming in the following weeks.

Pricing and Availability
The EKWB EK-Terminals X are now available at the EK Webshop. See the available models and corresponding MSRPs below.
EK-FC Terminal X2 – Plexi (Parallel): 28.95€
EK-FC Terminal X2 – Acetal (Parallel): 17.95€
EK-FC Terminal X2 S – Plexi (Serial): 17.95€
EK-FC Terminal X2 S – Acetal (Serial): 17.29€
EK-FC Terminal X2 1-slot – Plexi (Parallel): 24.95€
EK-FC Terminal X2 1-slot – Acetal (Parallel): 23.95€
EK-FC Terminal X2 3-slot – Plexi (Parallel ): 29.95€
EK-FC Terminal X2 3-slot – Acetal (Parallel): 19.95€
EK-FC Terminal X3 – Plexi (Parallel): 32.95€
EK-FC Terminal X3 – Acetal (Parallel): 23.95€
EK-FC Terminal X3 S – Plexi (Serial): 32.95€
EK-FC Terminal X3 S – Acetal (Serial): 23.95€
EK-FC Terminal X3 (Type II) – Acetal (Parallel): 27.95€
EK-FC Terminal X3 S (Type II) – Acetal (Parallel): 27.95€
EK-FC Terminal X4 – Acetal (Parallel): 36.95€
EK-FC Terminal X7 – Acetal (Parallel): 49.95€

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