EK Water Blocks Releases RX 480 Water Blocks

👤by Nick Congleton Comments 📅12.07.2016 22:34:06

Today, 12 July, EK Water Block announced the release of its series of full coverage water blocks for reference design AMD RX 480 GPUs.

The blocks announced are full coverage water blocks which cover the entire card cooling the GPU as well the other components on the graphics card which generate heat, the GDDR5 RAM and the voltage regulation module. The block is also compact enough to allow for a single PCI slot installation.

EK claims that the design of the block enables the inlet and outlet ports to be reversed, but that the inlet is specifically designed to align with the GPU in order to maximize flow efficiency. It’s also clear from the attention to flow efficiency and the focus on allowing the card to fit into a single PCI slot, that this water block was designed for use in multi-card configurations.

The water block comes in four variations, two in clear acrylic and two in black Acetal. Copper and Nickel variations of each the acrylic and Acetal are available. The acrylic variants feature two 3mm slots for LED installation. The Acetal ones exhibit a clean black design with the Radeon RX 480 logo engraved in the Acetal.

Currently, all reference cards are supported, and EK will be maintaining a database of compatible cards as the AIB cards are released.

The MSRP of the blocks ranges in price from 99.95€ for the base copper models to 107.95€ for the Nickel plated ones. Interestingly, in the provided pricing table, EK announced the release of both black and Nickel backplates for the cards to add rigidity and minor cooling improvement.

This release comes as a relief to RX 480 owners longing for liquid cooling solution, especially in Crossfire and DX 12 multi-card configurations.

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