EK Water Blocks Teases EK-MLC - Modular Liquid Cooling Solutions

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EK Water Blocks announces its upcoming new lineup of pre-filled liquid cooling products which would be the brand’s second generation of all-in-one liquid cooling solutions. The new product lineup is said to target enthusiasts and PC builders that are unwilling to settle for a full custom liquid cooling setup or doesn’t have the time to setup and maintain such cooling setups. The new lineup will feature a modular design wherein users can add or remove multiple pre-filled water blocks in any order giving them flexibility in terms of completing a custom loop.

EKWB’s Concept Behind Modular Liquid Cooling

EK-XLC Predator Series

The EK-XLC Predator lineup brought custom loop performance to more mainstream segment of users who desire to acquire superior liquid cooling solution but without the need for building the custom loop and filling the unit by themselves. The EK-XLC Predator lineup also featured maintenance-free operating thus giving users the benefit of a worry-free liquid cooling solution. Through the feedback, EK Water Blocks retrieved a high demand for the Predator units to enable expansion to include the GPU. With that, EK Water Blocks aims to change their approach of closed All-In-One liquid cooling solutions and bring a more modular approach to gamers and PC builders.

The new EK-MLC or Modular Liquid Cooling lineup will bring very anticipated pump radiator combo as a separate unit, something which is yet to be seen in the liquid cooling market. Users will be able to select the type and kind of water block they want to connect to the radiator combo without draining or filling the loop with coolant. All parts of the EK-MLC family of products will be pre-filled, making them easy to install and maintenance free. EK Water Blocks is going to offer three core modular units; radiator pump combo, unmatched selection of GPU water blocks, and award-winning CPU water blocks. Buyers will be able to optimize their loop, either with only (multiple) GPU cooling, only CPU cooling, or both at the same time; GPU and CPU in a single loop. With this, EK Water Blocks aims to offer a superior CPU/GPU All-In-One liquid cooling solution with greater flexibility while maintaining the maintenance-free and easy-to-install features which is something that majority of builders are looking for today.

For more information, watch out for the release of the EK-MLC lineup at the EK Water Blocks website.

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