EKWB Adds Fluid Gaming Radiator Expansion Packs and Parts

👤by Michael Pabia Comments 📅02.09.2017 17:57:33

The EK Fluid Gaming kits offer the best price/performance ratio in EKWBs liquid cooling kit offerings. EK Water Blocks uses aluminium as the main component in these liquid cooling hardware which is cheaper than copper and offers efficient and effective heat dissipation as well. Since you cant mix copper-based liquid cooling hardware with the aluminium-based ones, EKWB now expands the EK Fluid Gaming series with more separate aluminium parts offering builders more options in terms of expandability and customization which includes the radiator expansion pack, coolants, coloured fittings and more.

Expansion Packs and Individual Parts

Due to the great success and huge demand for more parts for the EK Fluid Gaming series, EKWB releases radiator expansion packs namely the EK-FG 120 Expansion Pack, EK-FG 240 Expansion Pack and EK-FG 360 Expansion Pack. These kits offer additional radiators, fans, and fittings for those who want to expand their existing Fluid Gaming kit or those who want larger radiators which will include the 140mm series radiators coming later this year. EKWB is also now offering collared coolants, fittings and angled adapters for separate purchase.

Check out the Radiator Expansion Packs and new parts available to separate purchase at https://www.ekfluidgaming.com/parts/