EKWB Expands EK Fluid Gaming Kits

👤by Michael Pabia Comments 📅04.07.2017 23:36:04

EK Water Blocks recently released its first custom water cooling kit for gaming PCs offering the best price/performance ratio featuring aluminium-based liquid cooling hardware. Today, EKWB expands its offerings with the addition of separate aluminium parts such as more radiators, water blocks, angled fittings and more.

EKWB is set to release a new radiator series as expansion packs for the EK-FG 240 and EK-FG 360 Expansion Packs to be available by the end of July. This will include additional radiators, fans and fittings for current owners of EKWB Fluid Gaming Kits to expand their setup or want more radiator space. EKWB is also set to release a new 140mm radiator series later this year which will also be offered in the expansion packs. Coloured coolant will also be available in a separate purchase.

To complete the EK Fluid Gaming kit expansion packs, EKWB will be creating aluminium angled fittings to go with it. Also, EKWB plans to add aluminium-based GPU blocks for the EK Fluid Gaming Kits to be available later this year as well to be acquired on a separate purchase. However, as of this moment EKWB doesn’t plan to have hard tubing fittings for the EK Fluid Gaming series.

For those that are new with custom liquid cooling hardware, combining copper and aluminium parts in one loop is not recommended. EKWB puts up an article regarding the aluminium and copper liquid cooling hardware here.

Customizable EK Fluid Gaming Kits

In the near future, EKWB plans to enable full customization with the EK Fluid Gaming Kits where users can select a CPU or GPU water block or both, radiator size, colour of fittings, colour of coolant, other included accessories and more.

For more information on the EK Fluid Gaming Kits, visit https://www.ekfluidgaming.com/