EKWB Introduces Professional Lineup of Products

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Press Release

EK Water Blocks launches a unique product line designed for professional use with the properties of being robust using industrial materials and without RGB lighting. The new EK Professional Line of products is all about durability with the use of high-quality materials offering superb longevity. The EK Professional Line is designed to meet the needs of the most demanding customers, using custom liquid cooling for servers, data centres, and deep learning workstations that use multiple GPUs. With custom liquid cooling, efficient cooling is attained at a much lower noise level. The EK Professional Line’s first products include the EK-Pro Quick Disconnect Kits and EK-Pro Manifold.

EK-Pro Quick Disconnect Kits

The EK-Pro GPU Quick Disconnect Kit transforms liquid-cooled GPUs to a quick-disconnect ready assembly for easy troubleshooting and maintenance. The EK-Pro Quick Disconnect kit consists of 1 meter of Black ZMT 6,5/9,5mm tubing, two 6mm OD barb fittings, four-tube clamps, 45° Angled GPU Terminal and two sets of Quick Disconnect fittings.

For the best results, EKWB recommends pairing the EK-Pro Quick Disconnect with the EK Pro-Manifolds enabling a quick and easy assembly and disassembly of the liquid cooling loop without the need for draining the entire setup.

EK-Pro Manifold

The EK-Pro Manifold is a purpose-made coolant delivery system for multiple water blocks in workstation systems. Using multiple industry-standard G1" In and Out ports, the manifold can deliver a cooling loop to multiple CPUs and GPUs. The EK-Pro Manifold features a full acetal body, stainless steel end caps, and nickel-plated brass plugs. Pre-assembled, out of the box it is set up to be used in a semi-parallel setup. The EK-Pro Manifold uses a universal mounting system with its mounting plate patterned to fit any 120mm or 140mm fan mount in most computer cases.

The EK-Pro GPU Quick Disconnect Kit and EK-Pro Manifold allow quick and easy dismounting of CPUs and GPUs in a custom liquid cooling loop, minimizing down-time for workstations and other professionally used computer setups. EK Water Blocks will be releasing other Quadro and Workstation specific water blocks and enterprise cooling solutions to be added to the EK Professional Line shortly.

Pricing and Availability
The EK Professional Line Quick Disconnect Kits and Manifold are now available at the EK Webshop, see pricing below:
EK-Pro CPU Quick Disconnect Kit: $99.99
EK-Pro GPU Quick Disconnect Kit: $99.99
EK-Pro Manifold 2CPU 2GPU – Acetal: $79.99
EK-Pro Manifold 2CPU 4GPU - Acetal: $99.99

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