EKWB Presents EK-MLC Phoenix Modular AIO Liquid Cooling Solutions

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EK Water Blocks introduces the EK-MLC Phoenix, a Modular Liquid Cooling line of products featuring EKWBs next-generation of improved all-in-one liquid cooling hardware. All of the featured products in the EK-MLC Phoenix line-up are pre-assembled and pre-filled liquid cooling solutions that users can combine and connect into a loop to liquid cool desired components. With the EK-MLC Phoenix, assembling a full custom loop will be easier and will also be maintenance free.

The Design

The EK-MLC Phoenix is designed around the use of EKWBs Quick Disconnect Couplings which enables the units to be modular and pre-filled. With these, expanding and connecting modules is a breeze and also gives the builders the option to choose selected components to water cool. The Radiator Core module can be connected the CPU Cooling Module and GPU Cooling Module where builders can use only one or both together. EKWB will soon expand the EK-MLC with the Pump Radiator Module as a separate unit.

Radiator Core Modules

The EK-MLC Phoenix radiator core module is a pre-filled radiator-pump combo. It features high-fin density EK-CoolStream radiator, high-static pressure EK-Vardar EVO fans, and high-quality custom liquid cooling grade SPC water pump. It sets the foundation for efficient and silent PC cooling. The radiator core module is available in many sizes, where the size and number of the fans is the factor of your choice.

CPU Cooling Modules

EKWB offers two pre-filled and pre-assembled CPU cooling modules one for Intel/AM4 and one exclusively for TR4/SP3. The CPU Cooling Module is designed and based on the award-winning EK-Supremacy series of CPU water blocks.

GPU Cooling Modules

These are Pre-filled and pre-assembled Full-Cover GPU water block modules are precisely machined to fit the most popular NVIDIA and AMD graphics cards. They are made from high-purity copper, which enables high thermal performance and unlocks your GPU overclocking possibilities. Almost all EK-MLC GPU Cooling Module Full Cover water blocks are available in Nickel Plexi and Nickel Acetal versions.

Learn more about the EK-MLC Phoenix and start configuring your own custom cooling loop at https://www.ekwb.com/solutions/all-in-one/#phoenix-liquid-cooling

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