EKWB Releases Velocity D-RGB CPU Waterblocks with Addressable RGB Lighting

👤by Michael Pabia Comments 📅13.12.2018 00:02:59

EKWB adds a new CPU water block into its already expansive 14 versions of the EK-Velocity CPU water block series – the Velocity D-RGB. EKWB adds four versions of the EK-Velocity D-RGB featuring addressable RGB lighting that enables advanced lighting effects and synchronisation using motherboard-based RGB lighting software including ASUS Aura Sync, MSI Mystic Light Sync, ASRock Polychrome RGB Sync, and GIGABYTE RGB Fusion.


The EK-Velocity is EKWB’s latest flagship CPU water block that is built to be lean and agile. It is a high-performance CPU water block with its efficient coolant flow. EK-Velocity features the fifth iteration of the award-winning EK cooling engine which is further enhanced to perfection. Built upon a decade of experience in liquid cooling, the EK Velocity series CPU water blocks are a product of countless hours of simulations, research and market-leading engineering. It features a simple yet striking and eye-catching LED illumination. A new reinforced mounting bracket is introduced with smaller streamlined mounting screws.

The EK-Velocity D-RGB water block is equipped with 24 individually addressable RGB LEDs that are evenly distributed in the surrounding the water block housing to create the most sophisticated lightning effect. The simplified cooling engine brings performance optimizations through more efficient flow and also easier maintenance for users. The angular top piece of the water block comes in two options - black POM Acetal and glass-like Acrylic.

The Intel version supports Intel sockets LGA 1155, LGA 1156, LGA 1151, LGA 2011, LGA 2011-3, and LGA 2066. The AMD version only supports the AMD AM4 socket.

Pricing and Availability
The EK-Velocity D-RGB CPU water blocks are now available at the EK Webshop. There are two versions for the Intel and AMD variant of the EK-Velocity D-RGB. See pricing below:
EK-Velocity D-RGB – Nickel + Plexi: 99.90€/$109.99
EK-Velocity D-RGB – Nickel + Acetal: 94.90€/$104.99
EK-Velocity D-RGB – AMD Nickel + Plexi: 99.90€/$109.99
EK-Velocity D-RGB – AMD Nickel + Acetal: 94.90€/$104.99

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