The Elder Scrolls Saves Gamer, Now Bethesda Responds

👤by Michael Pabia Comments 📅18.05.2017 16:06:23

Imgur user ‘velorok’ posted a horrifying incident that occurred at the gamer’s apartment which resembled a scene from a game itself. What seemed like a regular night, velorok was enjoying an evening gaming session playing the recently released Prey. Suddenly a loud bang could be heard, followed by the sound of breaking glass and to top that off, a cloud of drywall dust puffs up in the air. Initially startled, velorok discovers a bullet hole beside his monitor, etched into the wall.

After searching for the bullet - seeking to discover where it had ended up, he found a hole in his Elder Scrolls Anthology Collection which seems to have caught the bullet and stopped it ricocheting inside the apartment room. The bullet was lodged within the collection, halfway through the pages and also destroying the installer CDs.

This gamer's mindblowing and unfortunate story was originally posted on Imgur which, in turn, captured a lot of attention across numerous social media pages. Catching the eyes of those at Bethesda (The creators of Elder Scrolls). Thankfully no injuries were incurred but this was obviously quite a traumatic ordeal to experience and Bethesda decided to brighten up velorok's day...

Bethesda Replies and Gives Back

It isn't any wonder that Bethesda caught wind of this story as it was trending on major social media channels. The games publisher has since stepped in and provided velorok with a replacement of The Elder Scrolls Anthology and even went one stage further by supplying a rather unique, signed copy.

Going beyond this, Bethesda also sent across the avid fan a Fallout Laser Rifle model and a limited edition Skyrim collectible, a Shrine of Azura statue.

What began as a terrible situation has now turned into a happy ending for velorok, thanks to Bethesda. He may be a happy gamer for the moment but perhaps he should consider moving out of his current apartment along with his new goodies to a much safer neighbourhood. This goes out to any gamer out there, make sure you are in a safe environment before gaming. Let safety come first because you can't respawn in real life.

Credits to velorok. See original Imgur threads below:

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