ENERMAX Expands MaxTytan PSU Series with 1050W and 1250W Models with Wattage Meter

👤by Michael Pabia Comments 📅18.09.2017 20:58:05

ENERMAX introduced the MaxTytan Power Supply Series earlier this September starting with the 750W and 800W models. ENERMAX is now expanding this flagship 80 PLUS Titanium certified PSU series with the 1050W and 1250W models featuring a Wattage Meter located at the rear of the power supply. The ENERMAX MaxTytan 1050 and 1250W models pack the Dust Free Rotation (DFR) technology, Semi-fanless control, Wattage Meter and COOLERGENIE. The new higher wattage models are ideal for high-end gaming setups, crypto mining setups, and multi-graphics card workstation setups.

Wattage Meter

The Wattage Meter offer real-time power usage monitoring on the LCD screen found at the rear of the MaxTytan 1250W & 1050W PSUs which doesn’t require a software.

Self-cleaning DFR Technology

The ENERMAX MaxTytan Series uses the patented DFR technology that makes the PSU fan to spin in reverse for 10 seconds upon start up as a self-cleaning mechanism that blows dust off the PSU which prolongs the lifespan of the PSU.

Fanless and Silent Operation

The MaxTytan PSUs runs fanless mode on system loads below 70% offering a totally silent operation. The 1050W model will be in passive-cooling or fanless mode to provide users with absolute silent experience. For the 1250W unit, PSU fan will start to spin when the loading reaches 60% or 750W.


COOLERGENIE offers two unique functions, the semi-fanless mode and fan-delay mode. The controller allows users to adjust fanless setting for the system fans (excluding CPU cooler fan). Fan-delay keeps system cool by keeping the fans running for 40-60 seconds after shutdown to continue dissipating the remaining heat. Semi-fanless is offered in three different mode; whisper, silent and disabled.

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