ENERMAX Introduces The TRIATHLOR Series Of PSUs, Successor To Popular Modu82+ PSU Series

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March 5th, 2013, TaipeiENERMAX, leading PC case and power supply brand, has introduced their TRIATHLOR series of power supply units, the successor to their popular Modu82+ series of PSUs.

The Modu82+ has been one of the most popular power supply series ever. End users from all around the globe have appreciated this Enermax PSU because it focused on the pure essentials of a power supply: durable components, silent operation and stable performance. No wonder that Enermax has sold this series continuously from 2008 until 2013. Now, after new technological progress, the time has come to say goodbye to the Modu82+, and welcome the new Enermax TRIATHLOR series.

TRIATHLOR Series: Long Term PSU Design

Enermax engineers have dismissed short-term market trends and concentrated on the development of a PSU design that will run over many years. The two versions of the TRIATHLOR series, the TRIATHLOR and TRIATHLOR FC PSUs are the real deal and, they come in a classic black housing. But don’t judge these PSUs by their simple cover: The TRIATHLOR series is equipped with latest Enermax technology. The manufacturer has spared neither costs nor effort to develop a product that meets the highest standards in terms of performance capability and quality. For example only the highest capacity Japanese capacitors are used to give a consistent and high quality build.

Rock Stable at All Loads

Unusual for power supplies of this price range is the integration of an expensive DC-to-DC conversion technology. It effectively reduces the energy loss and significantly improves voltage regulation. By generating secondary voltages (3.3V and 5V) through the 12V rail, the Enermax TRIATHLOR further saves space on the circuit board and achieves a better air circulation inside the PSU. As an interesting side effect of the DC-to-DC design, the power supply is able to keep stable voltages even at 0W load. This so-called “Zero Load Design” solves compatibility issues with the energy-saving functions of modern and graphics cards and CPUs like those that use the C6 power state.

Silent Cooling by Enermax

Thanks to innovative technologies like the patented Twister fan bearing, Enermax has built up an excellent reputation in the cooling market. Products like case fans or CPU coolers have become a pillar of Enermax’s business. For some time now, Enermax has applied the same successful cooling solutions in its power supplies. In this regard, the new TRIATHLOR series is no exception: The manufacturer integrated a 12cm T.B.Silence fan that is actually one of the best-selling case fans in Europe. With its patented Twister bearing, their own-brand product guarantees a smooth and frictionless operation with a minimum lifetime of 100,000 hours. The smart RPM control of the TRIATHLOR series regulates the speed depending on the inside temperature and the particular PSU load. Being virtually inaudible at 500 or 900 RPM (depending on the model) right up to 50 per cent load, the new Enermax power supply will delight all silent PC enthusiasts.

FC = Flexible Cable Management

The TRIATHLOR FC is the version that provides a well thought out future proof cable management system with many connectors to power all possible hardware configurations for possibly upcoming new CPU and GPU 10P and/or 12P connectors. Sleek flat, black colored modular cables simplify the cable routing inside the case. Enermax provides at least three 6+2P (8P) PCI-E connectors per model and relies on a Multi-Rail design with two massive 12V rails that generate up to 99 per cent of the total PSU power. In this way, the TRIATHLOR FC can even support strong multi-GPU gaming systems.

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