Enermax Reveal The ETS N-30-II CPU Cooler Series

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December 2015 - ENERMAX introduces a new ETS-N30II compact air CPU cooler to succeed the former version. The ETS-N30II is designed with a 9cm fan in side flow configuration. The asymmetrical heat pipe construction shifts the heat sink position and ensures perfect compatibility with extended dimensions of RAM. The heat sink incorporates ENERMAX's patented VGF (Vortex Generator Flow), VEF (Vacuum Effect Flow) structure for advance thermal exchange ratio, and HDT (Heat pipe Direct Touch) to ensure rapid heat abortion from the CPU. All cutting edge designs along with a compact size of 137.2mm in height, support 150W TDP CPU, and perfectly fit in small chassis. Moreover, ETS-N30II is the optimal stock cooler replacement to cool your home and office desktop pc's processor.

Small systems usually take Micro-ATX or Mini-ITX form factor motherboards, which has limited clearance for add-on devices. Example: Adding an advance cooler might restrict the RAM installation. The ETS-N30II finds the solution by ingeniously shaping the 3 x 6mm heat pipes in an asymmetric layout and shifting the heat sink toward the rear I/O area of the motherboard. This creates extra clearance not only for the fan to intake air, but also gives perfect RAM compatibility. The ETS-N30II gives no restriction on RAM height and enables 4-channel RAM setting.

Performance cooling by compact size

How to increase cooling performance without adding additional size to the cooler, yet offer greater compatibility? ENERMAX's new ETS-N30II answers this by implanting the patented VGF (Vortex Generator Flow) and VEF (Vacuum Effect Flow) on the heat sink. This is the same technology found on ENERMAX's ETS-T40Fit. The VGF design can redirect airflow to pass through the rear side of the heat pipes (aka windless area) and dissipates the hot zone there. This is something that conventional designs cannot duplicate. The VEF structure forms an air channel not only to prevent the cooling air from escaping both sides of heat sink, but also creates a low pressure zone around the heat sink and physically draws in additional air. The combination of these two aerodynamic designs enhances ETS-N30II's heat exchange velocity with slower speed and quieter fan.

Your Choice: Bright LED fan or quiet simple fan

ETS-N30II is equipped with one 9cm fan (800-2800RPM) in two models variations. The ETS-N30R-TAA comes with ENERMAX's Twister Bearing LED fan, featuring 160K hours MTBF and zero friction noise. The 12 blue LEDs give a cool visual appeal to the system. On the other hand, the ETS-N30R-HE is paired with a solid black fan for users who prefer simplicity. In addition, the ETS-N30R-HE includes one fan RPM reduction adaptor to reduce the fan speed to 600-1800 for an even quieter operation.

The ETS-N30II features a unique "1-clip" fan bracket design for easy service operation. The bracket is pre-attached with rubber to absorb any vibration noise. The heat sink base has HDT (Heat pipe Direct Touch) structure, together with renowned Dow Corning thermal grease, the ETS-N30II can rapidly absorb CPU heat and reduce possible computing lag. The ETS-N30 II supports the latest Intel LGA775/115x/1366/2011 and AMD AM2AM2+/AM3/AM3+/FM1/FM2 desktop CPU platforms, including Intel Skylake or AMD Godavari. ENERMAX's ETS-N30 II air CPU cooler is a great choice of entry to maintream systems.


The Enermax ETS N-30-II series of CPU coolers are due to be launched in the EU during Q1 2016

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