ENERMAX REVOLUTION D.F. 2 1050W and 1200W PSUs Added To Lineup

👤by Michael Pabia Comments 📅22.03.2023 18:32:07

ENERMAX announces new 1050W and 1200W models of the recently released REVOLUTION D.F. 2 Series power supply. The ENERMAX REVOLUTION D.F. 2 sports a compact form factor with an 80 PLUS Gold efficiency rating. These power supply units feature a fully modular cable design but they lack 12VHPWR connectors to support the latest high-end graphics cards.

Press Release
ENERMAX announces its brand new kilowatt 80 Plus Gold certified fully modular power supply, the REVOLUTION D.F. 2 1050W and 1200W models are now available to purchase online. The new members immediately become one of the smaller mainstream kilowatt ATX power supplies in the market with only 140mm in-depth which makes it fit well with most of the PC cases in the market and leaves more room in the system for better airflow and better cable management potential.

As the processing power of processors and graphic cards has increased, the REVOLUTION D.F. 2 1050W and 1200W models optimize the peak power wattage output to reach up to 200%. The single rail design will also prevent any form of power split in the middle, making overclocking more doable. The 120mm high-performance Fluid Dynamic Bearing fan inside the power supply provides excellent cooling performance with extremely low noise and vibration, and the ENERMAX Semi-Fanless Technology will stop the fan from spinning and become completely off during minimum load.

The ENERMAX REVOLUTION D.F. 2 power supply series is built with 100% Japanese electrolytic capacitors with DC-to-DC conversion, and the advanced LLC and Synchronous Rectifier design will ensure reliable performance. Equipped with the ENERMAX Dust Free Rotation technology, the fan will blow away unwanted dust upon powering up to prevent any future disruption and ensure a stable power delivery for years. With the upgraded specifications and rated for up to 92% efficiency, the REVOLUTION D.F. 2 is ready for the latest Intel Core processor or AMD Ryzen 7000 series desktop processors and high-end graphics cards.

Pricing and Availability
The ENERMAX REVOLUTION D.F. 2 1050W and 1200W models are now available at Newegg, partner resellers, and the ENERMAX USA Store.

ENERMAX REVOLUTION D.F. 2 1050W: $169.99
ENERMAX REVOLUTION D.F. 2 1200W: $199.99

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