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ETS-T40 is a simple name for a promising product, the first CPU cooler series from Enermax. It took two years of development to come out with the new product range. In close cooperation with the Taiwan University of Science and Technology, the Enermax engineers have created a high-performance product. They focused especially on the optimisation of the air stream conduction inside the heat sink to reach a more efficient heat dissipation. The result is a combination of three smart innovations that successfully reduce the thermal resistance of the ETS-T40 to sensational low 0.09C/W a new milestone in CPU cooler industry.

Optimised Air Stream Conduction for Best Cooling Performance
Stack Effect Flow, Vortex Generator Flow and Vacuum Effect Flow are the names of the three path-breaking innovations that breathe new life into the CPU cooler market and ensure the outstanding cooling performance of the Enermax CPU coolers. All three are based on known physical phenomena:

Stack Effect Flow (Patented) Two spoilers in the middle of the heat sink interrupt the air stream so that the warm air gains space to escape through the openings in the back of the spoilers. This innovation is based on the so-called "Stack Effect".

Vortex Generator Flow (Patented) Around the heat pipes, Enermax integrated small Vortex Generators. This technique is already applied in aviation industry and leads the air stream close along the heat pipes. In this way, more fresh air can be transferred to the backside of the heat pipes.

Vacuum Effect Flow The heat sinks of the Enermax CPU coolers are not fully closed so that cool air can be sucked in by utilizing the difference in pressure between the fresh ambient air and the warm air inside the heat sink.

Functional Design and Bright Colours
As is usual, Enermax comes out with a product that provides highest quality materials and workmanship. The design is clear and functional. The manufacturer decided to waive all creative elements that may have negative influence on the cooling performance. Users can choose out of three different models either with antioxidant coating (ETS-T40-TB/-VD) or with nickel-plated heat sink (ETS-T40-TA). The attached 12cm PWM fan is certainly equipped with the durable and silent Twister bearing. While ETS-T40-TB comes with a classic black T.B.Silence fan, the other two models are delivered with an eye-catching LED fan, ETS-T40-TA with a blue T.B.Apollish fan and ETS-T40-VD with a two-colour (blue/red) T.B.Vegas Duo fan. The patented circular LED light consists of up to 36 diodes, so that the Enermax LED fans shine many times brighter than ordinary LED fans. T.B.Vegas Duo is further equipped with a microchip to create eleven striking light effects.

Availability and Prices
The ETS-T40 series is now available for sale in the EU. Enermax introduces three models, starting at a MSRP of 29.90 incl. VAT for the ETS-T40-TB with a T.B.Silence fan. The ETS-T40-VD with a two-colour (blue/red) T.B.Vegas Duo fan and the nickel-plated ETS-T40-TA with a blue T.B.Apollish fan will cost 35.90(MSRP incl. VAT)

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