Enermax: U.R.Vegas with USB connector and magnetic rubber frame

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Premiere: Highly Flexible, USB Powered Fan

During the past years, several innovative technologies from Enermax captured the fan market starting from the durable and quiet running Twister Bearing to the unique light effects of the Enermax LED fans. With U.R.Vegas, the manufacturer now presents another pioneering product concept: The fans are USB powered and equipped with a magnetic rubber frame, so that they can be used in all places where additional cooling is needed. On the occasion of the official market launch, Enermax organizes an exclusive lucky draw.

The U.R. Vegas is powered by USB and, in this way, enters areas of application that are not accessible for ordinary case fans so far. There are thousands of possibilities how to make use of the new Enermax fan from an entertainment or multimedia centre cooling solution to a portable ventilator. Because of these varying fields of application, the manufacturer developed a smart and easy installation system: U.R.Vegas is delivered with a rubber frame that contains small magnets. So the fan sticks to all magnetic surfaces. Another important advantage of the rubber frame: It effectively reduces vibrations. A meshed fan guard further protects against injuries caused by the rotating blades as well as from small objects that might get trapped in the fan.

Durable Bearing Exceptional Light Effects
Like the successful Enermax case fan series, U.R.Vegas is based on the established and smooth running Twister bearing. The patented technology ensures not only an exceptional quiet run, but also allows for the detachment and cleaning of the fan blades. Equipped with powerful turbine blades, U.R.Vegas reaches an air flow rate of up to 89.21 m3/h at a speed of 1,250 RPM. Another unique feature of the Enermax fans is the patented circular LED light. It consists of 18 red diodes that can be controlled by a microchip. That way, U.R.Vegas creates seven spectacular LED modes. The fan is equipped with a light button, so that users can comfortably choose their favourite effect or when necessary simply switch off the light.

The 12cm U.R.Vegas fan (UCUR12-R) is now available at a MSRP of 15.99 incl. VAT

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