Enermax Upgrades The Successful Ostrog Case With A Lot Of New Features And Functions

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Enermax have today announced their new updated version of the Ostrog Chassis


Midi Tower with Gigantic Features

Hamburg, 16th of January 2013. The budget Ostrog case is one of the best-selling midi towers from Enermax ever. The flexible, spacious construction with its highly expandable cooling system has found a lot of followers. Hardware experts from all around the globe highlight the outstanding price-performance ratio and excellent quality of the Ostrog tower. Reasons enough to present an upgrade version for performance gaming systems. The new Ostrog GT appears much more aggressive than the entry-level version. Two 14cm LED fans in the front and a tinted acrylic side window emphasize the eye-catching design of the new Enermax chassis.

Sophisticated Cooling System
Like the basic Ostrog version, the Ostrog GT is predestined for a strong cooling system. The tower is delivered with three fans (one rear and two front fans) and can accommodate up to 10 fans. Special feature: Each of the two HDD cages provides two 12cm fan slots. That way, the case allows for a very effective cooling of hard disk drives. Apart from that, Enermax has taken into account the requirements of high-performance air CPU coolers and liquid coolers. The punched out side panel creates space for more powerful tower coolers with higher heat sinks (up to 184.3mm heights) and the elevated case top supports the integration of 240/280mm radiators.

New Patented ODD Mounting / Effective Dust Shield
For the first time, Enermax presents its new ODD installation system: The patented Slide In™ design works completely without screws or tools: Just push in the device and it will be fixed in place automatically. Apart from that, the manufacturer solves another important issue. Ostrog GT effectively shields the system against dust: All mesh areas are protected by filters. For the top panel, Enermax includes a flexible magnetic filter that can be attached in- or outside the case. Also the cable management system has been well thought out: There are not only a lot of clips and openings to hide the cables, the designers have also considered the request from many end users to have more space behind the mainboard tray. With 32mm clearance and the additionally punched out side panel also the thicker main power cables from the PSU can be hid easily.

Best Choice for Efficient Data Storage Management
The Ostrog GT can accommodate up to 10 data storage devices: Enermax provides two cages for the integration of overall eight 3.5” HDDs and one mobile cage for two 2.5” SSDs/HDDs. In case users want to install longer high-end graphics cards, the bottom HDD cage can be removed. That way, the tower supports GPU with a maximum length of 412.5mm. The Enermax designers also thought about an effective decoupling of the installed hard disk drives: Rubber pads on the HDD rails minimize vibrations. Finally, for backups or the transfer of external data, the Ostrog GT is equipped with two ultra-high-speed USB 3.0 interfaces at the top of the case.

Availability and Prices
The Ostrog GT with blue front LED fans (ECA3280A-B-F) is now available at a MSRP incl. VAT of £79.90.
Detailed product information and photos can be found at www.enermax.co.uk/ostrog-gt.
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