Enermax's DreamBass Is An Innovative USB Sound Solution

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Hamburg, 16th of February 2012. Two developments in audio market have influenced the creation of the first audio product from Enermax: Compact computer formats like notebooks and netbooks require the application of space-saving technologies and components. According to this, manufacturers rely on on-board sound chips that are in many cases badly balanced and cannot fulfil the expectations of music lovers. Furthermore the relevance of the bass in music has grown. The chart-toppers work with deep bass tones that cannot be performed by many on-board sound chips.

DreamBass™: Perfectly Balanced Sound Experience with Full Bass

With DreamBass™, Enermax offers an affordable and comfortable solution for users who appreciate clear sounds and deep bass tones. The USB audio device is shaped like a vacuum tube and accommodates a powerful VIA sound chip (VT1620A). It functions as a high-quality amplifier and bass booster. DreamBass™ ensures a better sound balance and creates a clear and finely tuned music experience. The device is equipped with microphone-in and headphone-out jack and – due to its two-channel audio chip – supports simultaneous recording and playback. The new Enermax USB amplifier will be detected automatically by the system and is immediately ready to use (Plug & Play).

DreamBass™ Genie (AP001) is now available at a MSRP of £23.90 incl. VAT. Enermax further offers a set of DreamBass™ with light-weight and clear-sound earphones (AP001E) at a MSRP of £30.90 incl. VAT. More information and product photos: www.enermax.co.uk/dreambass.

CeBIT: Hear the Differences

At CeBIT, visitors of the Enermax booth (Hall 17, booth G24) will have the unique chance to test the latest innovation of the manufacturer. Enermax will show DreamBass™ in direct comparison with a standard on-board audio chip. Visitors can switch between the two devices to experience the quality and sound of the latest Enermax product.

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