Epic Mega Sale 2022 Begins, Offering Up-To 75% Off & Borderlands 3 Free

👤by Tim Harmer Comments 📅19.05.2022 21:47:48

The Epic Mega Sale 2022 has begun on the Epic Games Store, their semi-seasonal promotion that offers savings on a large range of titles and the opportunity to squeeze out a little more with unlimited money-off coupons. The sale lasts for four weeks this time around - from May 19th until June 16th - and price reductions of up-to 75% are available on some big titles released on the platform in the past year. If you've been eying up games like Final Fantasy VII Remake Intergrade, Far Cry 6 and Ghostwire Tokyo there's been no better time to pick them up if the EGS is your PC games storefront of choice.

Sweetening the deal this year is an additional 25%-off coupon that's valid for games priced at $14.99/11.99 (or regional equivalents) after all sales discounts are applied. For mid-tier games it's not quite as lucrative a reduction as the previous 10/$10 coupons, but could be even more valuable for more expensive games that don't enjoy the deepest discounts. The coupon should be applied automatically at check-out and you get a new one after every purchase, so feel free to go ham without worrying about losing out on a potential reduction.

Epic have also clarified that the weekly free game promotion isn't pausing for the sale period; in fact, it's getting juiced. Over the next 4 weeks the game offered for free will be a bigger, more recognisable name, starting with Gearbox's looter-shooter Borderlands 3.

A few games featuring in the Epic Mega Sale you might want to consider are:

Hades: Supergiant Game's Godlike Roguelike was game of the year for legions of fans in 2020, and is an exceptional entrypoint into both roguelike and action-rpg genres. A fantastic soundtrack and one of the more successful narrative implementation yet included in a game of this type, it's currently 25% off at 12.34.

Sifu: Another roguelike but with very different gameplay to Hades, Sifu is a compelling 3rd-person action title that scored highly amongst 2021 game of the year lists. A novel difficulty system poses a challenge from the start, so it's definitely a game for Souls-like enthusiasts looking for a palate-cleanser. You can get it for 28.79, and claim a further 25% off with the coupon.

Deathloop: A trio of roguelikes ends with Arkane's Deathloop, a first-person shooter that implements an innovative temporal progression system that pits your reflexes and problem-solving skills against the clock as much as the NPCs. At 24.49 it's 50% off.

Disco Elysium - The Final Cut: if a slower pace and bigger saving is more your thing this Spring then consider Disco Elysium. A story-driven RPG in the tradition of genre classics like Planescape: Torment, it comes highly recommended by those who are willing to spend countless hours on a playthrough with a character whose traits and personality is defined entirely by the player. It's a whopping 65% off at just 12.24.

The full list of games on sale is available here. The sale runs until Thursday June 16th, and the free game promotion refreshes on May 26th at 4pm BST.

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