Epic's Game Store Serves Up Control For Free This Boxing Day

👤by Tim Harmer Comments 📅26.12.2021 17:32:18

There have been a quote few excellent games available for free from the Epic Game Store this holiday - including Arkane's Prey just yesterday - but today's might be the best of the bunch. Control by Remedy Entertainment was one of 2019's unexpected gems, blending action and mystery in a sublime and attractive package.

By way of reminder, the Epic Game Store is running a fortnight-long free game promotion where every day at 4pm GMT a new title is available for free for just 24 hours. The promotion is entering its twilight now with less than a week remaining, but that still means a handful of games for your library at no cost.

Control was developed by the studio behind the Alan Wake franchise who bring their own unique brand of paranormal adventure to the table. But that's not all; if you've been blessed with an RTX-class NVIDIA graphics card this holiday season then you'll be able to unlock advanced rendering features including ray-traced reflections, transparent reflections, indirect diffuse lighting, contact shadows, and debris. Your RTX-class GPU will also be able to take advantage of DLSS to significantly accelerate performance with minimal loss of image quality.

This is the Standard rather than Ultimate Edition, and as a result it doesn't also include the AWE and Foundation DLC packs. You can however pick the packs up together as a separate 'Season Pass' in the Epic Store Sale for just £4.79.

Speaking of the [url=https://www.epicgames.com/store/en-US/]Holiday 2021 Sale[//url], that's ongoing until January 6th. If you're in the market for a deal with a further £10 off (if the sale price is £13.99 or higher) then now is absolutely the time to browse the catalogue of offers. For example, Cyberpunk 2077 looks much more palatable at just £14.99.

N.B.: we've found the Epic Game Store desktop app to be a little flakey during the promotion, but the website seems far more stable. We'd suggest you pick up any games through that portal for the time being.

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