EVGA Hardware Hits A New Unigine Heaven World Record

👤by Tim Harmer Comments 📅04.09.2015 02:23:20

A new round of graphics cards and other PC components designed specifically for overclocking have been released to extreme overclockers recently with more planned in the very near future, and as a consequence progression in benchmarking world records continues apace. This progression however isn't limited to graphics cards brand new to the market, and there's no better evidence of this than a new high watermark set by Vince K|NGP|N Lucido.

K|NGP|N has a pretty close relationship with EVGA, and so it's no surprise that EVGA components figure rather heavily in his record-breaking rig of choice. Equipped with an EVGA Z170 Classified, GTX 980 Ti K|NGP|N and 1600W T2 PSU, K|NGP|N was able to push an LN2-cooled system to 7,893.7 DX11 Marks in Unigine Heaven (Xtreme Preset), a new Single Card World Record.

During the world record run the Intel 6700K CPU was pushed to an astonishing 5.8 GHz (+45% OC), whilst the GPU hit mid-boggling clocks of 2080MHz/2104MHz (+~90% Base Clock OC). That's a result EVGA in particular will be very pleased with given the predominance of their hardware in this system. Of course world records don't immediately translate to performance you'll see in your system at home, it's not like LN2 cooling is exactly commonplace, but they do give some indication of the build quality of a given component or set of components. Plus, the value of bragging rights can never be underestimated.

More info on the record can be found at the HWBOT page for the run. You can read more about the EVGA hardware used in the record attempt at the links below:

Expect more records to tumble in the coming weeks as the Z170 platform matures and new overclocking SKU GPUs are released by all vendors. For now though, it's advantage K|NGP|N and EVGA.