EVGA Introduces Z390 DARK Motherboard and RTX 2080Ti Kingpin Edition at CES 2019

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EVGA introduces its flagship Z390 motherboard at CES 2019 – the EVGA Z390 DARK. The EVGA Z390 DARK is the third-generation model built exclusively for the ultimate performance. Its unique layout and upgraded components cater the needs of extreme overclocking. EVGA also teases the EVGA GeForce RTX 2080Ti KINGPIN Edition graphics card featuring a hybrid liquid-cooling and air-cooling system. EVGA also displays the EVGA NU Audio sound card at CES 2019.

EVGA Z390 DARK Motherboard

The EVGA Z390 DARK is the first motherboard to feature both the 24-pin power connector alongside both 8-pin CPU power connectors on the side of the board. The Z390 DARK features a very friendly design for cable-management enthusiasts which includes the 90-degree CPU socket with memory slots running parallel to the top of the chassis. The entire VRM is cooled with a large passive heatsink that sits close to a standard case’s rear exhaust fan.

EVGA Z390 DARK Features

USB BIOS Flash Without a CPU: The dedicated internal USB port on the motherboard allows you to update your motherboard BIOS even if you don't have a CPU or cannot boot into the motherboard BIOS.
Post Indicator: Multi-Function POST Indicator – Fully configurable in BIOS, these LEDs can be configured to show temperatures, voltages or cycle both in real-time.
Right Angle Headers: 24-pin power, both 8-pin CPU power, Fan, Probe-It, and USB 3.1 Gen1 headers – Hand-crafted design to provide clean system assembly without cable clutter.
Visual Guide / Bench Table: Every EVGA Z390 Dark is packed with a printed PCB showing components, LEDs, PCIe lane breakdowns, and other helpful information. More importantly, this PCB with included standoffs doubles as an open-air testing or benching station, providing clearance for heaters, condensation isolation, and storage devices.
PCIe / DIMM Status LEDs: PCIe / DIMM status LEDs allow for easy system assembly and troubleshooting at a glance.

The EVGA Z390 DARK motherboard is now available at EVGA.com with an MSRP of $499.99 USD. Learn more about the EVGA Z390 DARK here.

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