EVGA Open UK Warranty & Service Centre

👤by Tim Harmer Comments 📅27.11.2015 12:40:12

A sad fact of life is that sometimes electronics go on the fritz. In a perfect world wouldn't be a problem, but the sensitivity of electronic components and manufacturing techniques mean it will always be a spectre in day-to-day use. That's one of the reasons why at Vortez we always like to highlight when a manufacturer has a national Customer Service Centre: in the unlikely event of a problem with your motherboard, GPU etc. sorting it out becomes much less of a hassle. So it's with some degree of satisfaction that we can welcome EVGA into the troop of manufacturers who now have a UK Service Centre for returns.

EVGA are the primary authorised reseller for NVIDIA GPUs in the US and UK, in addition to being a popular manufacturer of high-quality Power Supplies and Intel motherboards; as such this move has been a long time coming. UK returns were previously handled on the Continent (at least, when out of the retailers hands), adding considerable lag to any return procedure. Potentially this may now shave off days from a replacement, which is especially important if you rely on your hardware for work as well as play.

"The UK is an extremely important market for EVGA and with our continued growth in the region, this is a way of saying thank you to all those customers who have supported EVGA to date. We pride ourselves as having the best support package in the business and don't want our customers to spend their hard earned cash on overseas calls and high shipping costs for returns or step-up deals".

- Marnie Sutton, Chief Operating Officer for EVGA Europe.

EVGA Customers in the UK can now phone 01788 247 298 for direct support on EVGA products, and will also enjoy reduced shipping rates for both returns and Step-Up deals. UK servicing joins the EVGA 24/7 online support initiative and Step-Up initiative as implicit features which make EVGA motherboards, PSUs and GPUs all the more competitive.

For more information on EVGA products and services visit EVGA.com

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