EVGA SR-X - Now With Heatsinks!

👤by Tim Harmer Comments 📅13.01.2012 18:08:15

Yes, the beast is back. EVGA's SR-X, a follow-up to the dual-socket LGA1366 SR-2 now based on Intel's LGA2011 Sandy Bridge-E CPU's, has been spotted at CES 2012 dressed in a livery more suitable for a retail release. When we first saw it back in October images were of the heatsink-free variety, whereas now the passive cooling on the board is in place. Apart from these additions and the semi-official name, the SR-X retains all the features seen on earlier images: 12 DIMM Slots between 2 CPU's, 8+6pin power per CPU, aux 6-pin PCI-E power for the 7 x16 PCI-E slots, 6 SATA ports and 2 SAS ports. And yes, it will keep the HPTX form factor; choose your case wisely.

With the 2-way Xeon Sandy Bridge-E-based processors still not released it's unsurprising that the SR-X doesn't have a firm release date. As for pricing... high is our best guess.

Source: TechPowerUp

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