Exceleram Pushing the Capacity

👤by Tony Le Bourne Comments 📅24.11.2011 19:00:26

Exceleram, originally founded in Germany but migrated to Taipei, have managed the unthinkable and have produced high quality 8GB DDR3 RAM 1333Mhz (PC3-10700) CAS 9T modules at a staggeringly affordable price of $49.99 MSRP. Some may not be so surprised of this news as Aria PC technology, recently had a special offer of an affordable 8GB memory module of similar specifications from Exceleram. Perfect for those wanting to max out their motherboard's 32GB or 64GB capacities especially those who jumped onto the X79 platform with 8 memory DIMMs.


After an intensively development, Exceleram announces an 8 GB 1333MHZ CL9 Memory Module with an unbelievable Price.

“Target for us was to find a solution for our customers to obtain a new 8GB 1333MHz CL9 Memory Module with the price at only US$ 49.99. This price combined with the strong quality level as well as Exceleram always does, it’s a really tough target for us to reach.".

But now we have got the solution!

E30200A 1x8GB 1333 CL9 1.5V single